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how to add smileys in j2me
hi friends i am making chat software by j2me for mobile i am success full in my work but smiley option is not working , some one tell me how to replace :-) by image in j2me , for example enter code :) in text field and get appended image on form please help me thanks
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Please explain exactly what class you are trying to add the smilies to. We need much more detail before we can say anything useful.
Thanks sir for your reply , for converting image or for smileys i have not use any code , i dont know about smileys i just asking you please guide me how can i use image item as a smiley , i mean in text field enter :-) and on form it will convert into image , please give me example or guide me thanks
Hello no one reply me why , i am waiting for your answer please help me
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no one reply me why

There is very little traffic in this forum; there may be other, livelier, JME forums out there somewhere, if you care to look for them. Given that JME is dying, I'd guess that not all that much new development is happening for it, though.
i am asking about the question and still no answer about how to add smileys in j2me
Possibly because your question is not clear.
But maybe nobody knows.
sir my question is clear that how to add smiley in j2me , i am using application that uses smileys in chat i am asking some one tell me how to convert :-) into smiley face that is png pic
I don't know anything about J2ME, but if you want to show an image in place of the text representation of the smiley, then while rendering the text your code should first look for matching smileys (regex matches for example) and replace that text with an image URL which represents the smiley image.
thanks jaikiran pai brother for your efforts but this is not help full to me , i am knows j2me very well this is a big project to use image replace by text , so thanks for your efforts i am finding and near to make my project then i will shre this with all of you thanks
I have searched many sites but can not find i have made application in which i develop chat application i can sent message and recieve message , that is working good , i want to add smileys option like user sent and on form it will be show pic, for example in in every chat user can sent a code in the message and on form it will be replace into image eg Smile face , i have got on code from my sense that , textbox.getString().equal("")

this can show image by entering text or by textbox but i need smileys option like in any place user use ;) code it will show image but i cant do please help me solve this problem
I am waiting for answer sir please my project app is still on that point
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Hey Yasin! Have you figured out yet? I want to know how too.
Hi luceta , i am making chat application i have made all some one function is still need , is that i want to add smileys in my chat application . For example user put code :-) in text field and it will be replace by smiley face can you give me any code that will put this function

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