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The Decline and Fall of IBM: End of an American Icon?
Author/s    : Robert X Cringely
Publisher   : NeRDTV LLC
Category   : Other
Review by : Ulf Dittmer
Rating        : 4 horseshoes

Bob Cringely has long written about the goings-on at IBM in his online columns; this book is the collection of these writings, along with some new material that brings the story up to date. While the writing is clear and insightful -coming from a journalist who's covered the industry for a long time- I was disappointed to discover that there was actually very few new material in the book. Having followed the author's online columns for a long time, the material was altogether familiar (even though it's helpful to have it organized for reading in one place). Even the new material has by now been published online, and since the book doesn't have an index, there's no great advantage in having it in book form over reading it online. That said, there's only so much one can expect for $4 (for the digital version, it's also available as a paper book), but it still came as a surprise that the actual text ended after about a 3rd of the book, and the rest was taken up by a largely unstructured appendix of comments that were made in response to the online columns. So it's not really 200 pages, but more like 80.

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