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Question about p:messages
If I remove this code it works ok generates error p:messages in jsf page

and here is my command button and p:messages:

So why the External context code blocks my warning p:messages ?
Welcome to the JavaRanch, Burak!

Probably you are forwarding the request outside the FacesServlet, so that the raw xhtml is being copied back directly instead of being digested and used by FacesServlet to construct the View.

You'll probably be more successful if you use a ServletListener to do your routing to the login rather than attempt to do it in JSF code. Plus, it will be more secure that way.
As I said in my post when I remove the code it generates p:messages and there is no redirect to main page, but without removing the code then it doesn't generate p:messages but redirects to main page,
Can you give me sample of how to use ServletListener from a web site ?
thank you

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