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jsp is not iterating over Linkedhashmap sent by servlet
Hi, I am trying to generate table rows from LinkedHashmap sent from servlet. But whenever i execute i get empty or null map. I tried running the servlet alone to check whether the data is existing in linkedhashmap and it does. But only when i pass it to the jsp page i guess i am receiving an empty map.

Below is the code

Jsp Code:

Servlet code:

Can anyone tell me what am i doing wrong here?

Any help would be appreciated.

First of all, be sure to follow Java conventions for naming. It makes it surprisingly hard to inspect code that does not.

So variables should be doc and documents, not Doc and Documents.

How do you know the map is null in the JSP?
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Thank you for the edit and showing me the link to use code tags. Will follow that from next time

In the jsp i have an if condition to check whether the map is empty or null. It's not passing that condition
You are also mixing scriptlets into the mix along with JSTL. That's a big mess.

I'd recommend cleaning up the JSP and variables and reposting the code.

How are you verifying that the map is not empty/null in the servlet?

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