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IZO-899 Passed today with 96% score.
I just would like to express my sincere thanks to all forum members who shared their valuable experiences and suggestions on preparation.

My first thanks goes to Enthuware. Thank you very much. The way you designed questions are superb.

Thank you to Piotr, NullHas useful links. Very good info.

I read: Head first servlets&jsp book, SCWCD links given in these forums and Enthuware exams.

Thanks Guys once again..
Congratulations!! Excellent score
Thank you verymuch
Great score man, So for how long did you prepare it? and whats next
Thank you.

Actually I did spend total 3 months (of course not everyday due to my busy work and personal schedules) of time to prepare.

Planning to prepare for Web Services exam and/or Archtect exams in future.

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