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learning data structure from scratch to expert level in java
I am a senior developer, since my college days, I used to skip data structure for the last. I just did enough to clear exams. Now, after these many years, I do understand its importance and in future I am expecting interview to revolve in that section a lot along with designing. So, I wish to prepare myself for this sort of problem solving from the very basic to the most advance level possible. I wish to stick to java as that is the only language I understand. I am giving myself a span of 2 years to get familiar with it completely. Objective is to be able to solve or at least have an idea of problem type once I get a problem.

what should be the idea way to begin for me. I know my work my consume most of my time, hence I am giving myself quite a long duration to keep things going.

There are books available, so you can try one of them. Many of them have “algorithms and data structures” (or similar) in their titles.
See if you can find a college course about algorithms and data structures. Some courses are copied onto the Internet.
I could recommend book:
"Introduction to Algorithms"
ISBN-10: 0262533057
ISBN-13: 978-0262533058
From chapter 10 onwards it covers elementary data structures.
From last week, on coursera, free standford data structure class started. You can check that here. Also from MIT "Introduction to algorithms"
free classes are available. You can check them here. Both are very good.

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