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how can I set up AWS developer account
hi Andreas & Michael - is there a way for a developer to set up a free AWS account to become familiar with the various services through direct experience? is this covered in your book?
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You can set up an Amazon account for free, but you have to provide a credit card number.

Minimal Amazon instances are free. Larger ones are billable, based on time and resource usage. You only pay for what you use.

When AT&T pulled the infrastructure out from under my old ISP, I ran my email server in a freebie AWS instance while trying to get back online again. You can do a fair amount of work even in the micro instances.
I think a free account only limited to 12 months.

1) Can I remove the credit account information after registration to avoid charging me any money ? service suspended automatically if over the usage limit?
2) Can I create another account after the 12 months with transferring my data and config from the old account to remain free ?

Thanks for your question, John.

As already mentioned it is possible to test some AWS services for free. All needed informations about the Free Tier are listed here: https://aws.amazon.com/free/
And, just to answer the questions here, no you cannot remove billing after you open the account. You will not be billed unless you request services that are billable, however and there's plenty of warning when you are about to do so. In fact, you can even set up alerts just to be sure.

As a sometimes-impoverished AWS user, I pay very close attention to that, trust me. And although Amazon's own information is the authoritative source and subject to change, no I haven't had my "free" period expire.

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