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Epractice Lab quiz 1 about tags file's directory

Which of the following values of tagdir attribute of the taglib directive is invalid?

a. /WEB-INF/tags
b. /META-INF/tags
c. /WEB-INF/tags/mytagdir
d. /WEB-INF/custom-tags

Choice B is correct

The "tagdir" attribute is used to specify the directory where the tag extensions are installed.
The valid values are /WEB-INF/tags/ directory or any of its subdirectory.
If any other value is given, a compilation error will occur. Thus, choices A and C are valid and hence incorrect.

I think d is also invalid.

I think d is also invalid.

Not according to the JSP 2.x specifications:

JSP.1.10.2 The taglib Directive

tagdir - Indicates this prefix is to be used to identify tag extensions installed in the /WEB-INF/tags/ directory or a subdirectory. An implicit tag library descriptor is used (see Section JSP.8.4 for details). A translation error must occur if the value does not start with /WEB-INF/tags/. A translation error must occur if the value does not point to a directory that exists. A translation error must occur if used in conjunction with the uri attribute.

Hi Fritz,
In HF book, it say tag files have to be in /WEB-INF/tags or subdirectory of it.

So, putting a tag file under other directory is not considered as a tag file.
Yes, you are right (I didn't see invalid in the problem statement).

Option b and d are correct.
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