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figuring out where to start
Hello! I was hoping somebody could help me and my journey of learning code.
I find my self constantly jumping around to different languages and having a hard time
figuring out what to start with or where i should start. I've watched hours of introductions and small classes.
I'm passionate about learning how to code and i really want it to work out! I guess what I'm trying to get out of this forum is a straight forward answer as to WHERE SHOULD I BEGIN!?! ahhh lol
Is there an answer for that? Because i just cant seem to find it! If someone can help me by letting me know what they did to start out and give any advice would be SOOO extremely appreciated. Thank you in advance
Welcome to the Ranch!

Focus on one thing at a time. Are you completely new to programming? Choose one language and stick with it for at least a few months until you know it reasonably well. Suppose you wanted to learn foreign languages, then it would be much harder to try to learn German, Spanish and Italian at the same time than learning them one at a time.

Programming languages are much easier to learn if you put them in to practice rather than just reading a book and trying to put all the theory in your head. Write lots of small programs for yourself to learn how the language works. When you know the basics, invent a small project for yourself. Maybe you want to make a simple game. One of the very first projects that I did when I learned programming in Java (long ago) was creating a chess playing applet. (But forget about applets - those were cool in 1998 but are obsolete now).
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