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How can I achieve user roles in Java Web application ?
Am developing web application with Java EE and apachache tomcat 9.0, the application is student control system; i categorized as follows:
-- Models( Student.java, Teacher.java, ClassRoom.java, AccademicYear.java, Exams.java so and so)
-- DAO data access objects (......)
---Controllers (these controllers are extending HttpServlet and i named them to and so)
-- Views, which are totally jsp files with no native java code all they are using EL (Expression language and JSTL), they are stored in different directories suppose in students i use this folder and .
--- in addition I created another class called which .
--- all these are good the user prompted to login, after filling login credentials it will be established a session and stored user data;

--- now what I want is: if the school needs different levels of users like a user which specific to billing and a user which also specific to exams and super role user which has all the privileges to control such of these activities;
how do adapt this, also i have an idea which is kind of grid that manages roles in one window it would mimic like the below image:
User Role Manager

below is my workplace shot
The Servlet API has a concept of user roles built in. Start reading here: https://coderanch.com/wiki/659865/Servlets-Faq#security

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