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Oracle SQL
I have been tasked with a scenario and part of this is to develop a database.

One of the task is to add functionality to the database such as F1, F2, F3, F4. Never done this before. How could this be done?

I need to add a group of people under one record. How is this possible with a function key?
That's a bit vague, I'm afraid.
Could you expand on what it is you are trying to do, and where you are stuck?
Shall I PM you so you could understand?
It should be on the site.
If it's too much to stick in a post then it's possibly too much to handle on a forum.
This is it:

Normalise (to third normal form) the Course-Details form and the Customer Booking form separately. Show all the steps clearly. Now consolidate the entities by eliminating redundancies and then produce a final list of entities. Already Done

Implement and submit adequate documentation for the following:
Create and populate just those database tables which correspond to the normalised entities found in part (2). Submit Oracle scripts for each table, showing its description and its contents. Already done

Implement the following functionalities: (Now Stuck)
F1 - create a new customer and enrol him on a course
F2 - create a family of four and enrol them all on the same course
F3 - ability to change course information
F4 - ability to remove retiring staff from the system

Heres the link to the form https://www.dropbox.com/s/552tjhiu0fbkz2k/Scenario.pdf?dl=0
What are you supposed to write those "functionalities" in?
Is it expecting a simple set of SQL for each one, or are you supposed to write code in another language (eg Java)?
OK, so F1 is 2 INSERT statements.

Can you write the first one, for the new Customer?
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