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03/26/17 deployment  RSS feed

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Coderanch now runs on a new version of the forum software, which has these changes:

  • Devaka - lava routed to a lower level, opening up three more bunk rooms for henchmen
  • Devaka - donuts cleared out of torpedo tube 3 so we don't get ants
  • Devaka - alligator pit trap door mechanism adjustment
  • Devaka - added to level 5 diagnostic for long range sensors
  • Devaka - corrected a 5.39x10⁻⁴⁴ seconds offset found in the main atomic clock
  • Devaka - alligator pit expansion
  • Devaka - fishing the gross goo out of the carbonite freezer after a boo-boo
  • Devaka - found the droids we were looking for
  • Devaka - dilithium crystal calibration
  • Devaka - reworked the AI of HAL 9000
  • Devaka - refilled the main beta particle emitter with copper-64 isotope
  • Devaka - thinking cap rebuilt to use batteries instead of gasoline
  • Devaka - more quantum detectors installed to capture remote brainstem activities
  • Devaka - main engine reconnected to another electron pump
  • Devaka - bring the flux capacitor online
  • Devaka - cleaned that weird goo out of transporter room 2
  • Devaka - shielded the primary shuttle from the messier 83 gamma ray burst
  • Devaka - removed the dead tribbles from shuttle pod 7
  • Devaka - temporary jump jets added to escape pod 7
  • Devaka - undocked the command module from the secret mission module
  • Devaka - add more boron control rods to the secondary nuclear reactor
  • Devaka - completed another round of 3C273 quasar flyby
  • Devaka - reset the dart launchers in the cave labyrinth
  • Devaka - safety cover installed over self destruct button
  • Devaka - add one photon cannon to the runabout
  • clean out the kraken cave
  • rewire cabin 12 to facilitate a hologram projector
  • primary weapon made 4% more efficient
  • robot goat army finally has actual targeting so THAT won't happen again
  • Devaka - upgrade aft shields
  • Devaka - re-calibration of the carbonite freezer
  • shark tank trap door mechanism adjustment
  • Jeanne - connect more solar cells to the undervolt main B bus
  • Jeanne - electricity made 178% efficient by replacing fluorescent bulbs with incandescent bulbs in cabin 12
  • Devaka - replaced some of the polymer solar cells with organic solar cells
  • Fix bug where f-code affiliate URLs didn't work on wiki pages
  • Show the seller name on premium threads
  • Show the affiliate rate on premium threads when there is an affiliate offering
Consider Paul's rocket mass heater.
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