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Why there is 2 maven builds inside my Eclipse IDE and can't check mvn version etc, ?
Dear expert,

I tried to use Maven in my project.
However, I run into problem.

First, when I attempted to see if I got maven installed properly by using cmd and type  mvn version

I got into error as in there is build error

So, I followed the instruction to run via the Eclipse IDE - Am using Eclipse ee

It built successfully inside the Eclipse.

But, there is 2 maven builds inside.  Please see attached.

As I do not have anybody to check things out, I hope the members here can tell me what's happening.

Furthermore, I do not use pom.xml

[Thumbnail for 2-Maven-Build-Appeared.png]
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Did you type "mvn version" or "mvn --version"?  The second is the correct syntax if you're trying to see Maven's version number.
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Furthermore, I do not use pom.xml

There must be a pom.xml file in the current directory that you launch Maven in.  I see from your screenshot that you have an "Hi5/pom.xml".  Try building with Maven from the Hi5 directory.
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There are not 2 "Maven Builds". There are 2 run options for Maven: "Maven Build" and "Maven Build...".

The convention with menus on GUI applications is that if a menu command is followed by 3 dots (ellipsis), then it will prompt for further input (typically a dialog box).

The Eclipse Run/Debug subsystem allows you to define multiple run profiles and that is just as true for tools such as Maven as it is for your own Java applications. The "Maven Build..." allows you to construct and use these alternative run profiles by presenting the Run/Debug options dialog. The "Maven Build" (no ellipsis) is a fast-path request for the default build profile.

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