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Sybex OCA Java 8 Study Guide: One Sitting Online Review Tip

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Charles,
Great question. The web interface has the same content* (questions and answers) as the book; just in different places. The web interface is a new system and has a limitation (or usability issue IMHO). The only way to see the explanations is while you are taking the chapter test. You can re-take it but then your answers are gone. Which means the normal flow of "take test, see which questions you got wrong and look at just those explanations" doesn't work.

Instead the path is:
"take test, see which questions you got wrong, write down question numbers, click to retake test and look at those question explanation"
"take test, and look at answer/explanation for each and every question scoring yourself"

I've already complained to Wiley/Sybex about this. However, I'd appreciate if you could contact support with this complaint as well. I think they are going to need to hear it from multiple sources to do anything about it.

* There are a handful of errors introduced by the conversion that are online but correct in the physical book. I've noted them on our errata page. Last time I checked they weren't cleaned up online yet.

(Above was actually in reference to OCA / OCP Practice Tests: Exam 1Z0-808 and Exam 1Z0-809, but the same usability issue applies.)
I don't know if this tip has been reported elsewhere, but (just currently?) it appears as if when you have completed your test, without re-taking it, and without having moved away from your completed test, then it is possible to "View [each] Answer" while retaining your previous answers as mentioned, so long as you are in the same session, of course.  (Also ensure you hit 'OK' to continue your [review] session, watching out for the time out warnings.)  It completely distorts your time, but hopefully you would have already completed your test and hopefully have already logged your true time.

(I hope that helps.)
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Thanks for sharing that Charles!

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