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Error in Reading .txt file using XSD
   I want to convert .txt file into .xml using XSD.The Delimeter between words are pipline(|) in .txt file.When i am converting .txt into .xml using XSD the it is not able to recognize the pipline(|) separator.Can anybody help me out in rectifying error while reading .txt fron XSD.

.txt file:

XSD is:

output i am getting is:
[Thumbnail for Transformation-from-Text-to-XML.PNG]
Maybe I'm out of touch, but I didn't know that you could use a schema to convert a text file to XML. I was always under the impression that a schema was solely for validating XML. But maybe you're using some other tool which you didn't mention in your post? It appears you are, since one of the windows in your screenshot says "Transformation was successful". You seem to disagree with that output, although you don't say what you expected to see and where you expected to see it.

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