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Learn Java the Easy Way: will this book help a novice?
Hi Mr Paine , will this book help a novice who has no experience or exposure to learn the basics on java programming ,
reason i am asking is i am a desktop engineer looking to change career paths to a java programmer..
thank you
apologies for the wrong spelling on your surname.
Thanks for the question, and Yes! I wrote "Learn Java the Easy Way" for middle schoolers to adults, using the same apps and approach I've used with real middle school students in some of the schools I work with, and with college freshmen at my university.
One bonus of the book is that we build the apps first as a command-line program, then as a GUI desktop app, then as an Android mobile app, using much of the same Java code across all three platforms. In addition to learning the basics of Java, you'll finish the book with three fully-featured Android mobile apps you built from scratch in Java .
I'd love to hear from you if you give it a try - and thanks again for posting the question,
Hi Prino,

A sincere apology from me for "hijacking" your post, with my question for Bryson. Thanks to Bear for moving my post and for the explanation for the move. Cheers.

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