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Learn Java the Easy Way: Comparison with other popular books
Dear author. Can you please compare your book with other popular books? Why should one choose yours?
Some books are great and certain people learn differently. I would recommend a course on Udemy, the Java Masterclass by Tim Buchalka. It is one of the larger classes, 73 hours of videos I believe. It covers a lot, everything from the basics to Concurrency. This paired with a solid book will help reinforce what you learn from the book.
Thanks for posting, I'm glad to help. Anthony's right, I think it's great to have different books and approaches for different people (and, I have a Udemy course based on "Learn Java the Easy Way" if you prefer videos to go along with the book), but the one criticism I have for most Java books as a Java teacher for almost 20 years is that the vast majority of programming books, even those for beginners, introduce each new concept separately. First, expressions and variables. Then conditions. Then loops. Then classes. Separate, sterile concepts - you don't get to see a cool, fully-featured app until late in the book, if at all, because you haven't learned all the little pieces yet.
It's a bit like not being allowed to drive a beautiful car until you learn to change out the engine and transmission...
In that analogy, I'm proud to be a mechanic, and I teach other mechanics (computer scientists), but I believe in enjoying the ride while you're learning to build a car of your own .
After a brief intro to Java using the new Java 9 JShell, you'll jump right into creating a fun, playable guessing game, then build a secret message encoder/decoder, then a beautiful, colorful, animated bubble-drawing app. And, you'll build the apps for the command line first, then turn them into GUI desktop apps, and finally, modify them into fully-functional Android mobile apps in Java. You can learn the basics while building apps you'll actually enjoy.
And by the end of the book, you'll be able to put those same skills to use building your own fun, creative apps.
That's one of my favorite parts of teaching - seeing the amazing things students can create once they understand how to put it all together - so why not learn by building complete apps from the very start?
I'd love to hear what you think if you try the book or the Udemy course, and thanks again for the question,
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