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How to send soap to activemq qeue?
Hi I'm newbie developer and I have the  need to guarantee that none of my soap messages are going to get lost. For what I read I need to send them to some kind of qeue that would ensure they are going to get delivered. Someone told me to use activemq but I can't seem to be able to send soap messages to the qeue, according to internet I have to convert them to jms but the only way I have found is using some oracle library that doesn't seem to work on my idle. How can I achieve this? I appreciate your help.
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We need more information before we can help. Please tell us where you found that information and also how you are trying to run your application, as a minimum.
As far as I know ActiveMQ is only able to accept JMS messages. I mean, that's what it was designed to do. And if you want to send data over a queue which guarantees delivery of those messages then JMS is certainly a top candidate for that.

I don't really see much of a problem in sending a SOAP message over JMS -- after all a SOAP message is just text and sending text over JMS is very straightforward. But maybe that unnamed Oracle library is supposed to be more convenient? As Campbell pointed out, we don't know anything about it so we can't really suggest much.
Hi, I appologize for being so vague at my question. This is the code I found that show how to integrate soap with a message qeue:


the library that I have a problem with is com.sun.messaging.xml.MessageTransformer, I have tried to add it via maven using:

I've tried to import the jar manually from http://www.docjar.com/projects/mq4_2-source-20080707.jar-code.html but I always get this error:  

The import com.sun.messaging.xml.MessageTransformer cannot be resolved

. So I decided to look for help.

That's kind of strange, because Oracle has been saying for years now that using classes whose names start with "com.sun" is a bad practice, and you should avoid using them because they might disappear from one release to the next. So I'm surprised they have a tutorial out there which doesn't contain dire disclaimers about those classes. Maybe it's a really old tutorial which hasn't been reviewed for a long time?

Anyway I don't have any recommendations about how to work with that; instead I'd recommend looking for something else.

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