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shalani chnadra
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Hi people,
I have some questions whose answers I am not able to find..kindly anyone help me..
the questions are as follows-
Server side Java is used to accomplish all of the following EXCEPT:
a) provide access to other servers and minimize client security issues.
b) provide dynamic content.
c) minimize client dependency upon web browser plug-ins and dependence upon Java.
d) visually enhance GUI components.

Java Server Pages are used to accomplish which of the following?
a) Access JavaBeans.
b) Enhance server performance.
c) Simplify access of Java components from within HTML.
d) Simplify access of server objects from a client.
--2 choices are right
The project leader of a web development team is using IBM WebSphere Studio Version 4.0. The project leader should set up the project by doing all of the following, EXCEPT:
a) create a project under the external source control system for the application.
b) assign appropriate permissions to each team member.
c) install the external source control system client on each team member?s machine.
d) create a folder in Studio publishing view and insert files and folders from the source control system.

Using Page Designer, which of the following HTML form components can display data values from a bean?
a) Frames
b) List Boxes
c) Grid
d) Cascaded style sheets
e) Combo Boxes

Server side Java is used to accomplish which of the following?
a) Provide a static client user interface for a web site.
b) Provide dynamic content to the client.
c) Minimize client dependency upon web browser plug-ins.
d) Enhance solution choice of GUI components.

A developer can decrease an image download time over the web by doing which of the following techniques?
a) Use the Fast Load option on the Image tag.
b) Scale down images using the Image tag's HEIGHT and WIDTH attribute.
c) Break images into reusable parts.
d) Use large images versus small images.

The Insert File Dialog of IBM WebSphere Studio can NOT be used to add:
a) new files based on templates to the project.
b) existing files from the file system to the project.
c) files from an external version control system to the project.
d) files from a web site to the project.

Given that the apps.jar file contains the Class, how would a developer set the "timezone" property in an HTML page where the Applet is being used?
Which of the following are NOT contained in the Web Configuration Descriptor File?
a) name, classname and mappings of a servlet
b) Init parameters for a servlet
c) Virtual Host aliases
d) Custom Tag Library Definitions (TLD's)
--2 are correct
Using IBM WebSphere Studio, how does a developer most efficiently deploy a site to servers in London, Paris, and Hong Kong?
a) Publish locally, then use the preferred FTP application to transfer the files to the remote sites.
b) Publish remotely to one location, then use the preferred FTP application to transfer the files to the other sites.
c) Set up stages for London, Paris and Hong Kong, add servers to these stages, and then publish separately to each desired server.
d) Add London, Paris and Hong Kong servers to the production stage and publish the entire project once.

Which of the following is NOT a possible reason for deploying a staging server?
a) Allow customers to test the application and provide feedback.
b) Allow the Quality Assurance team to test the application for bugs.
c) Allow the performance enhancement team to simulate a production environment.
d) Allow for failover during testing.

A database servlet has been generated at the root project level using the IBM WebSphere Studio Servlet Wizards. The Test publishing stage has been reorganized. The JSP and HTML files in the published stage are present in the "htdocs" folder, whereas these files are located in the project root directory of the project. Which of the following modifications to the .servlet file must be made to account for the publishing location?
a) No modifications need to be made
b) Change the input, output and error page URLs from "/*.*" to "/htdocs/*.*"
c) Change the input, output and error page URLs from "/*.*" to "/htdocs/htdocs/*.*"
d) Change the input, output and error page URLs from "/htdocs/*.*" to "/*.*"

What are the default port numbers for Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) protocol requests?
a) 8080 for HTTP, 443 for SSL and 20 for FTP
b) 80 for HTTP, 443 for SSL, 21 for FTP Control and 22 for FTP data
c) 80 for HTTP, 434 for SSL, 20 for FTP Control and 21 for FTP data
d) 80 for HTTP, 443 for SSL, 20 and 21 for FTP

Assuming that the test server environment is the same as the production server environment, which of the following are benefits of creating a staging server?
a) The staging server is easier to find.
b) Increases the production server availability.
c) Ensures that the application is compatible with the production server environment.
d) Acts as a test bed for new features before being applied to the production server.

Which of the following are best practices that a developer would employ when maintaining a site developed with IBM WebSphere Studio?
a) Use a version control system to maintain all major and minor releases of the application.
b) When a feature has been coded and tested, apply it to the production server.
c) Make use of the set status feature of Studio to keep track of and communicate work in progress.
d) Create a stage for each new version of the web site.
Thanks in advance..
Andy Rodriguez
Ranch Hand
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Hate to be the one who points this out , but these seem to be a questionnaire directly from some test or a technical interview ....
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