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Admin Service won't start for Websphere 4.0 AE
I migrated WAS 3.5 environment to WAS 4.0 AE environment, after installation the admin service won't start. This is the error in the log
AdminServer X WSVR0009E: Error occurred during startup
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/sql/ConnectionPoolDataSource
I located this class in j2ee.jar
The classpath parameter in admin.config
Did you run the usejdbc2.bat file (under \SQLLIB\java12 directory) of DB2? Make sure "JDBC 2.0" is in the inuse file.
I ran the batch file and checked the file inuse it is showing JDBC2.0
Hi! I had a same problem.But I solve this problem
by adding j2ee.jar to classpath of WAS.
good luck!
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I had the same problem last week actually.
My issue was that although I was running JDBC 2.0 on the server that had websphere installed, I was NOT running JDBC 2.0 on the remote server where the WAS database resided. I don't know if your database is on a remote server or not, bu that was my problem.
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