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I need to develop a search engine for my company's website, that is, if a user type a word in the search field and click search, then it will find all the pages that contain that word in my website.
We use WebSphere application server and WebSphere commerce suite, and all pages are JSP or HTML pages.
Most websites have such search function, just like JavaRanch. So there much be some standard methods to do it. Can someone tell me how to develop this kind of search engine?
Many thanks,
Don't develop one -- buy one. Search Engines are complex things to develop that require very sophisticated algorithms that most people simply aren't up on. You just can't have the average Joe Developer build one for you.
For instance, you can buy Altavista here:
or Google here:
In fact, if you do a search on Google for search engines for purchase, you'll probably find dozens...
A free search engine is available that is open source and all java. Lucene is the name of the project and was developed by one of the architects that did alta vista.
HTDig is also available as part of the standard RPM packages for Linux 7.2. It's not just a single server indexer, it's a crawler. You simply specify the servers that it should crawl and it does it.
HI Kyle, Matthew and Paul,
Thank you so much for your valuable advices.
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