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Can't we access EJB's deployed on WebSphere from a non IBM JVM client?  RSS feed

Maruti Nori
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We ar usign IBM websphere for deploying our EJBs.But we are not able to access the EJB from any non IBM's JVM clients eventhough we place websphere.jar and j2ee.jar in the classpath.It gives the following exception.
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/rmi/iiop/ORB
at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass0(Native Method)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(ClassLoader.java:486)
at java.security.SecureClassLoader.defineClass(SecureClassLoader.java:11
at java.net.URLClassLoader.defineClass(URLClassLoader.java:248)
at java.net.URLClassLoader.access$100(URLClassLoader.java:56)
at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(URLClassLoader.java:195)
at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(URLClassLoader.java:188)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:297)
at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Launcher.java:286)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:253)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal(ClassLoader.java:313)
at com.ibm.websphere.naming.WsnInitialContextFactory.getInitialContext(W
at javax.naming.spi.NamingManager.getInitialContext(NamingManager.java:6
at javax.naming.InitialContext.getDefaultInitCtx(InitialContext.java:246
at javax.naming.InitialContext.init(InitialContext.java:222)
at javax.naming.InitialContext.<init>(InitialContext.java:198)ection.java:192)
at javax.swing.AbstractButton.fireActionPerformed(AbstractButton.java:14
at javax.swing.AbstractButton$ForwardActionEvents.actionPerformed(Abstra
at javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel.fireActionPerformed(DefaultButtonModel
at javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel.setPressed(DefaultButtonModel.java:250
at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicButtonListener.mouseReleased(BasicButtonL
at java.awt.Component.processMouseEvent(Component.java:3715)
at java.awt.Component.processEvent(Component.java:3544)
at java.awt.Container.processEvent(Container.java:1164)
at java.awt.Component.dispatchEventImpl(Component.java:2593)
at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl(Container.java:1213)
at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent(Component.java:2497)
at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.retargetMouseEvent(Container.java:2451
at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.processMouseEvent(Container.java:2216)
at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.dispatchEvent(Container.java:2125)
at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl(Container.java:1200)
at java.awt.Window.dispatchEventImpl(Window.java:926)
at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent(Component.java:2497)
at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(EventQueue.java:339)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForHierarchy(EventDispatchTh
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(EventDispatchThre
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(EventDispatchThread.java:93)
at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.run(EventDispatchThread.java:85)
But if we change the path to point to IBM's JVM it works fine.
Does this mean that to connect to IBM webSphere we do not have any option other than
running the client from an IBM's JVM.
Max Tomlinson
Ranch Hand
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This used to be the case for earlier versions of the JVM--I've seen this problem is WAS 3.5 but heard it was supposed to be fixed by 4.0. I believe it has to do with RMI/IIOP.
Ian Moore
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I think this is to do as the previous post suggests with IBM's implementation of the RMI/IIOP stubs in that they're not compatible with the Sun implementation and hence you're problems. This was under VAJ 4 plus the RMI fix too.
Fortunately for me I no longer have to work with VAJ !
Kyle Brown
Ranch Hand
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Your answer can be found here. This describes how to use the Sun JVM with a WebSphere client.
It is sorta covered in the JavaRanch Style Guide.
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