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invoking ejb from jsp in websphere
I am using websphere app developer v5.
I have a stateless session bean ConverterBean created in the package
com.ibm.converter in the ejbmodule.
How would i import this bean in a jsp file which is in the web module.
I have tried the following but the thing is giving errors,that the bean converter is not found.

Thank you and regards.
If your problem is not importing the package, then use the JSP page directive with the import statement to import the package that you need. Read the JSP 1.1 specification (or ANY book on JSP) for details.
Just looking over your code I see you are obtaining the converterhome in the jspInit method, but you are invoking the create method on the converterhome some time later when the service method gets invoked. That will surely cause problems, since the default scope for a JSP is page. I suggest that you consider maintaining a reference to a handle for your converterhome in some other scope (perhaps session or application) depending on your particular needs. HTH.
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