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WAS61: MDB listening to MQ - need help with deployment descriptor
Hi All

I am creating a EJB 2.x MDB on a "Websphere Application Server 6.1 (aka, WAS61) using a Websphere MQ messaging provider (i.e., Websphere MQ 6.0)

I have created the connection factory, queue, and listener port.

However, I cannot seem to find an example of what the deployment descriptor should look like for such an MDB.
(Although, there are many many examples of what the deployment descriptor should look like for the "default messaging provider" using activation specifications, etc.)

From what I understand from reading the IBM RedBook "Websphere Application Server 6.1 Management and Configuration", I need no further configuration to the WAS61 server beyond the connection factory, queue, and listener port. -- Is my understanding correct???

Also, I understand that I must implement the MDB using the listener port artifact instead of the activation specification.
-- What does the ejb-jar.xml deployment descriptor entry for the MDB look like in this situation (clearly there is no activation-specification stuff)?

If someone possibly provide an example of a ejb-jar.xml deployment descriptor that is using MDB's that us a WebSphere MQ messaging provider (i.e., rather than the "default messaging provider"), it might be helpful.

Thanks for any help on this.


I am also looking for such a kind of solution.

Can you please tell me how did you configured MQ using websphere 6.1.
Actually the MQ Series in running in Z/OS machine and the websphere is also running on Z/OS.

Kindly let me know how do I configure the queue Managers, queues etc in Websphere itself.

Alternatively is there any other way for me to configure the queues other than using Websphere server console?

Thanks in advance.
Anyone knows how or where to get a procedure that resolve this problem?
A comunication between WASND and WMQ 6.0 using EJB MDB. (EJB 3.0.)

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