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Oracle Procedure problem
In oracle10g im creating a procedure in that i has a leftouter join which looks like "left outer join configusers.users" when i try to run this procedure Im getting an error on this abc.checkbook im in a different domain called bcd where this procedure actually running. Please help me on this it is very urgent
please help i thought this is a frendly site and every one will help me?
This is a friendly site!

First of all, you need to allow at least 24 hours for everyone to see your post. People are in different time zones throughout the world and many people log on once a day (at a minimum.) For specialized questions, there's also the possibility that people just don't know.

Now on to your question, are you able to run this query from the command line (rather than through the stored procedure) ? This will tell you if the problem is with the stored procedure or the query itself.
Useally I see this type of error when there is a problem in the sql statement , wrong or missing qualifier on a column name. Difficult
to tell with the little code you provided.
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