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Tomcat Crashes on Solaris
Howdy all,
I am new to running tomcat and I am experiencing an odd issue on our Solaris install. We start Tomcat (Verion 5.0.28) and it runs for a bit then mysteriously disapears.

The catalina.out file ends with
INFO: Server startup in 15401 ms

The localhost_log does not list any errors. The amount of time the server is up varies from hours to minutes.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose this?
Thanks for any help.

I'm afraid that the only comment I can give you is that I have a similar issue with tomcat 5.0.28 on redhat linux..... Only my tomcat ran for 10 days and then died.....
Did you ever determine the cause?
Are u talking the time taken in hours without any applications from your side?
That seems ridiculous..

Might check thier bug database to see if there are any patches for Solaris

Did you ever determine the cause?

Nope, I posted a message in this forum yesterday; today there are 0 replies.
What JDK are you using? Is there a core file in either the Tomcat directory or the home directory of the user who started Tomcat?
There are no core files.
We are using Java 1.4.2_5 from sun, with the patches recomended by sun to solaris.

We do have an Axis based app loaded on this tomcat instance. However the crashes will often occur before the app is called.


Did you ever determine the cause?

Nope, we're currently going back to Tomcat 4.1.30...
Have u tried it with a non-SUN JDK ??
Maybe its a JDK related issue.
Update: since Tomcat 4.1 gave us more headaches than 5.0 we switched back to 5.0.28 (on RedHat). We deleted the deploy directory, emptied the temp and work directories and restarted. Next we deployed the web applications one by one. It's running since sunday evening again

The problems we have and had with both versions are 90% related to doing admin tasks with the admin web application. I just can't believe that Apache releases this admin webapp as being non-alpha software.... It's just so buggy...
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