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warning when Starting Tomcat4.1
hi all,
iam using tomcat 4.1.
my applications r working fine but whenevr iam starting tomcat i get the foolowing error

why is this coming?pleaze help
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We're pleased to have you here with us in the Apache Tomcat forum, but there are a few rules that need to be followed, and one is that proper names are required. Please take a look at the JavaRanch Naming Policy and adjust your display name to match it.

In particular, your display name must be a first and a last name separated by a space character, and must not be obviously fictitious.

You can change it here

Further, I've noticed that you've already recieved a final warning about adhering to this policy. Your account will probably be closed before you get this question answered if you don't fix your screen name very soon. The policy states the there must be a first and last name.
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As Ben predicted, your refusal to adhere to the JavaRanch naming policy has resulted in the disabling of your account. Your display name must be a first name and a last name separated by a space character. "psl" is obviously not a real last name and will not suffice.

Please contact me via PM or email should you wish your account reinstated.

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Closing this thread since the original poster won't be able to answer any follow up questions.

Once you get your account straightened out, PM me or send me an email and I'll re-open it.
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