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Orion and Oracle App Server enquiries
This is my first posting on this side of the forum.
I just wanna quickily enquire on the Oracle's app server purchase from Orion: -
I heard many goood news about Orion. However, are you guys aware whether Oracle has modified it tremendously to suite (i package in terms of architecture? I'm concern that Oracle may have make things buggy while packing things
As time goes, is newer release of Orion being "updated" to Oracle App Server packaging?
Have anyone used Oracle 9i App Server for EJB before?

Thank you.
- Simon See
-after office hours-
Hi Simon,

As far as I can tell, OC4J (the name Oracle give to their version
of Orion) is _exactly_ the same as the Orion server -- Oracle has
only tweaked the XML configuration files to work with their
database. (I wonder why?)

I would imagine that OC4J will go the same way as all other
Oracle acquisitions. Oracle's web server is a modified version of
the Apache web server. Oracle's JDeveloper IDE is a modified
version of Borland's JBuilder. And now Oracle's app. server is an
exact replica of Orion server. However, as I said before, I think
that as time goes on, the development paths of OC4J and Orion
server will surely diverge.



Moving this to the Orion forum.
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