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Book: Alfresco open source enterprise content management
Alfresco offers true Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) - Document Management, Collaboration, Records Management, Knowledge Management, Web Content Management and Imaging.

I authored the first ever book on Alfresco

We are having the book promotion starting 6th Feb here on the Ranch. Please feel free to submit your questions to the forum.

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[ February 05, 2007: Message edited by: Munwar Shariff ]
Hi Munwar,

I have been looking at Alfersco for a while the questions I have are

1) How does Alfersco store XML data ? Does it store it natively so that the search speed is faster ?
2) Does Alfersco support XML chunking and Assembly ?


- Harjit
[ February 06, 2007: Message edited by: harjits ]
Any data (Doc, PDF, XML, HTML etc) in Alfresco are stored in JCR Repository as per the JSR-170 standards.

A JCR can be queried with XPath, can export portions of its tree to XML in two standard formats and can import hierarchies directly from XML.

1> XML data in Alfresco is stored as XML file (JCR repository) and meta-data is stored in the backend relational database. Alfresco uses "Lucene Search Engine" for full text search and meta-data search.

2> XML Chunking and Assembly is possible through scripts and templates.
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Does it really search the stored metadata in database using lucene? You mean it index them too outside of database itself and then uses its lucene indexes for search?! Why? What if I don't need a full-text search? And would you please telling us about overhead of rebuilding index whenever even a minor update is performed on data?
BTW, what is the meaning of metadata in alfresco's terminology? Maybe this is what cause misunderstanding?

--Thanks in advance

What if I don't need a full-text search?

I guess I'm not following - if you don't need a certain feature, don't use it. What difference does it make what Alfresco does behind the scenes?

And would you please telling us about overhead of rebuilding index whenever even a minor update is performed on data?

Lucene does not need to rebuild an index for an update - it has selctive update capabilities, so the overhead is negligible.
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