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Director of Software QA
City: Santa Clara, CA
Salary range: up to 150k/base + extras!
Responsible for providing software project development support including the generation of test cases, test plans, validation reports, technical manuals and release notes. Manage resources and timelines for the test, validation,
release and maintenance phases of the software development project lifecycle. Manage the functional Software Test groups and the Software Integration group.
Duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
*Provide leadership and technical guidance for a team of software test and support managers.
*Provide written and verbal feedback to project teams, marketing and senior management on development activities.
*Provide resource management, develop project plans and create timelines for a variety of projects.
*Coordinate with Software Development group on all phases of the development process.
*Manage the analysis of system and software requirements for test, validation and support feasibility and approaches.
*Develop specifications for new hardware and software platforms and manage configuration changes cross functionally.
*Develop and transfer technical information surrounding the software systems through documentation and training with other functional groups.
*Design and implement testing methodology; prepare and maintain documentation.
*Manage the installation and support of beta software for internal and external users.
*Confer with functional groups regarding operating system and software maintenance.
*Develop installation, configuration and troubleshooting manuals for the software system.
*Deploy and maintain a knowledge-base system for recording and tracking technical support related issues.
*Develop department-operating procedures for the test, validation, release and maintenance activities of the department.
*Participate in all phases of the software development lifecycle from design through test and release.
*Review standards, specifications and other documentation to determine software-engineering requirements.
*Prepare schedules to ensure tasks are accomplished within estimated limits.
*Write all software programs in compliance with corporate and department operating procedures, including following department design and
coding standards.
*Analyze the effectiveness and feasibility of new systems or equipment; verify these results to determine if results are within tolerances of customer specifications.
*Review, write and edit reports such as evaluation plans, test results, technical manuals, etc. to provide recommendations, conclusions and other data.
Education and/or Experience:
BS/MS in Computer Science or engineering or equivalent combination of education and experience. 10+ years' related experience testing and supporting client-server based Windows NT applications in an MS Visual
C++/MFC environment. 3-5 years of management experience required.
Skills and Capabilities:
Requires an in-depth knowledge of Windows operating systems and Oracle relational database management systems. Use of data modeling tools and knowledge of object oriented programming required. A background in genetics
or molecular biology desired.

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