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Pls can someone answer this questions for me with explanation  RSS feed

Abiodun Adisa
Ranch Hand
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1)The design for a complex application with a large number of classes has just been completed. Which of the following is the BEST approach for unit-testing the classes?
a)Use package
b)Use Activity diagram
c) Use Interaction Diagram
d) Use Class diagram
(One answer)
2)When scheduling project activities such as functional increments and test case development, which one of the following OOAD artifacts is the MOST useful?
a)Use cases
b)Interaction Diagram
c)Activity diagram
d)Package Diagram
e)Class Diagram
One and only one answer
3)Benefits resulting from designing and implementing layered application components include
a)Reduced initial design time
b)Reduced time for initial development cycle
c)Reduction of GUI changes impacting the model layer
d)Maintainability and reuse of application component
(two answers)

4)When creating a subclass, which of the following are TRUE?
a)The selected superclass should be chosen because it has some methods the subclass can reuse, even if others do not apply
b)The class name should normally be a qualification of its superclass' name.
c) The subclass should be of the same type as all of its superclasses.
d) The superclass should be marked as abstract
choose two answers
5) Which of the following are TRUE about interpreting class diagrams from different perspectives?
a)Specification perspective class diagrams are developed without considering the programming language that might be used to implement it.
b)The conceptual perspective class diagram of an application would not include all the classes required and their details, rather, they would only identify domain classes
c)In the conceptual perspective, associations represent relationships between classes, whereas they represent responsibilities in the specification perspective
d)Operations (the processes that a class knows to carry out) should be used in conceptual models to specify the interface of a class.
(choose two answers)
6) Refer to the partial requirements below:
When the loan officer receives the completed application for a new mortgage, a folder will be created for the customer. The loan officer will then commission an appraisal of the collateral property and request financial information from the customer's financial institutions and workplace.
Which of the following is TRUE?
a)The verbs in the requirements become methods in the object model.
b)Some of the verbs in the requirements become methods of the nouns they reference. E.g., a FinancialInstitution class would have a getFinancialInformationFor( aCustomer ) method
c)Some of the verbs in the requirements become methods of the concept taking the action. E.g., a LoanOfficer class would have a getFinancialInformationFor( aCustomer ) method.
d)Some of the verb phrases in the requirements become overriding methods of the related superclass, due to the specialization of the action.
Select best answer
7) A resulting benefit of using polymorphism is reduction of:
a)methods in the associated classes
b)subclasses needed to accomplish the same functionality
c)case statements and conditionals
d)coupling between classes in the system
(One answer)
8) Refer to the exhibits to answer the question.
There are two new requirements for discounts for damaged goods, and searches by size and color. Using Figure Sample 2, which of the following is the BEST way to extend the class diagram to handle these requirements?
a)Extend the InventoryProduct class to handle the new requirements.
b)Create a new class "PhysicalProduct" that represents an actual product in the warehouse. Associate the PhysicalProduct with its related InventoryProduct
c)Add new capabilities to the Inventory class for the management of its Products.
d)No changes are needed due to these requirements
(one answer)
Sunny Liu
Ranch Hand
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Hi Abiodun
Those questions have been posted many time on this forums, please search them by using keyword "Long Post".
Anyway here is answers for your questions, if you wonder why? please searh this forum for explainations.
1. a (it may be class diagram)
2. a
3. c,d
4. b,c
5. b,c
6. b
7. c
8. b
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