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Congrats Leonardo!
I defer to Shweta...
[ June 09, 2005: Message edited by: Whitney M. Davis ]
Congrats on your SCBCD success!

My HF EJB book is on its way from amazon. Their books make it so easy that I almost feel like I'm cheating - BUT then I remember that learning doesn't *have* to be painful.
15 years ago

The two signatures of round() are:
public static int round(float)
public static long round(float)

This is something very important to memorize for the exam because it will be on it:
round(),ceil(), and floor() take floats and return "integer equivalents". ceil() and floor() actually return a double.

Good Luck!

Originally posted by fred rosenberger:

You can start to find the answer here, but i'm also willing to bet that name will be rejected, unless you add a few more 0s onto your donation...

$100 is a pretty reasonable contribution to support the site and get a specialized name. I can't decide between village idiot or town drunk.
15 years ago

Originally posted by fred rosenberger:

You can also get a 'specialty' title by contributing cash to the ranch, btw.

Well if Amit's going to put his java ranch title on his resume, maybe I should too. How much would I need to contribute for a name like...Vice President of Ranch Development?
15 years ago

Originally posted by Navin Pillu:

Heartly congractulations. Could you listout names of the books you used for preparation. & also listout sites those helped you out.


The only book I used was the HF Servlets & JSP. Everything you need to know to pass the exam is in there. I think its pretty important to practice writing the code samples and magnet activities in the book - since many of the test questions are so similar.
I did enjoy myself: two glasses of an interesting Merlot and 300 pages of Londo and Vir (Babylon 5).

Your signature block, however, has motivated me. I looked up the MCAD.NET and it sounds like a good fit. I'm a tad wary of Microsoft exams. If you come back to this msg, could you share your certification experience?

(this is likely in a completely inappropriate forum)
15 years ago

About postgraduate degrees...

How much do you think it matters what kind? There are so many routes: from evening or day MBA to serious M.S./PhD in Computer Science, with several part and full time M.S. Information Science types of degrees in between.

If all options are possible and one doesn't want to have a career in academia, but does want a graduate degree, what route, in your opionion, is the best?
I agree with the others - protein shakes are the way to go. I used to buy cases of the EAS powdered protein shakes. You can still get a case for about $50 online if you search. You can mix them with Jello pudding mix, milk, or water. That'll help you bulk up pretty quickly.

You can also get a handheld, battery operated mixer for your shakes for about $10-15 at a GNC. Those are great, cause you can make your shakes at work or school with ease.
15 years ago
How many toenails have you lost? I lost quite a few when I was training for a marathon. I ran it and completed it last year.

Jeff Galloway's website had a lot of good info - just google for his website. He actually suggests you run the marathon length before the marathon day.

During my training, I always ran alone. I ran about six miles a day Monday through Friday and then had a long run on Sundays. The long run increased slowly over six months to 18 miles. In retrospect, I wish I'd had more time to increase my long runs. Adding significant mileage on marathon day can really hurt your body.

You won't feel it on marathon day. There's so much energy and adrenaline. All of the pics of me have a broad grin on my face up until around mile 18. Those first 18 miles were the easiest I ever ran. The last eight. Oh the last eight were nothing but pain.

It's absolutely worth it. Good Luck!!!
15 years ago
Hi Javi,

I've found myself wondering a similar question: With a ComSci degree and several certifications under my belt in a few months, will any one hire me? And will I earn anything more than peanuts?
Does anyone have any thoughts on what the best order of certifications is? I passed my SCWCD 1.4 today and am faced with the 'What Next' question.
15 years ago
Congrats! I'm going to take the SCBCD next. I just passed the SCWCD exam today.

15 years ago