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Recent posts by Serge de Schaetzen

Hi Bob,

I don't know what file system you're using, but it sounds like ntfs.
And you can't create a zip file greater than 4gb in Windows !

I had a similar problem and I had to change to code so that it would switch to another zip file (z00, z01, etc...) when a certain limit was reached.
13 years ago
I'm a freelance Java programmer with more than 7 years of java development.
If you have special functionality that needs to be developped, or code that needs to be migrated/converted, I'm your man.

I'm available for any java development that does not require on-site presence.

You can contact me at or through my web site
14 years ago

I think that using a bytecode library is the way to go.
At least, it avoids me having to do the parsing.

14 years ago
I'm wondering if there's a way to find out if a class has a static {} method, without having the static {} method being invoked ?

public class A
// do some code.

if from another class you use reflection, Class.forName("A"), the code in the static method will be invoked, although you haven't created any instance of the class.

Is there any SecurityManager setting that can be used to avoid this ?

14 years ago
Is there a way to tell the encoding of a text file ?

Unicode, UTF-8, etc...
14 years ago
I've succesfully configured exclipse 3.0.2 to use java 1.5 as the compiler.
I can use almost all new features of 1.5 (generic types, enhanced for loops, etc...)

Only thing that doesn't want to work is varargs.

The varargs are recognized in the method definitions but I can't use them in the invocations:

public void method(String... s) -> is accepted.

object.method("a string") -> is accepted.
object.method(new String[] {"String1", "StringZ"}) -> is accepted

object.method("String2", "String2") -> is NOT accepted.

does anyone have some experience with this ?

check out
It features a complete guide about writing games for midp2.0.
It's free and comes with source code as well.

Good luck.
14 years ago
If you want to run a command like dir you will have to run it through

Ex: Runtime.getRuntim().exec("cmd.exe /c dir");

The /c is there to tell cmd.exe to exit when the command has finished.

On windows the dir command is not a real program. It just is a command that cmd.exe understands.

On Linux you might use sh.
14 years ago