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If you or someone you know is interested in an exciting career opportunity!! Please read on!!

Want to have some fun at work? Check us out at!!

Once again, we have another round of good news to share! Motricity has been named to the 2005 Red Herring 100 list, a prestigious award given out by Red Herring magazine to the top technology companies in North America who demonstrate solid contributions to the future of technology. Red Herring is a leading weekly magazine that is quite influential among technology entrepreneurs, investors and industry observers. Motricity was selected from a pool of 900 private companies in North America and joins the rank of companies such as Google and eBay!!

Please e-mail me your resume at we need "A" talent like you!!

Best regards,

Jill Carter

Senior Talent Recruiter
Software Engineer (J2EE) - Multiple positions

Motricity is looking for a Software Engineer to provide post-sales services and support for its industry-leading Mobile Application Platform, Fuel. The individual in this position must have the ability to work with customers under a variety of circumstances to understand their issues, address their issues and meet or exceed their expectations.

Primary Responsibilities:

Participate in all aspects of the customer implementation cycle, including, but not limited to: analyzing customer's business and technical requirements, designing a solution around those requirements and implementing the appropriate solutions
Implement the software design using Java and other related web technologies
Responsible for strategic project task deliverables, with high levels of quality and customer satisfaction
Works with core development to ensure custom programming requests are reasonable and viable, and will not conflict with development of base product functionality
Unit test code thoroughly
Investigate new and emerging technologies
Required Qualifications:

BS in Computer Science or related field
5+ years software engineering/Professional Services experience
Proven experience with full software lifecycle
Professional working knowledge of internet protocols and techniques (Perl, HTML, HTTP, TCP/IP)
Experience with Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming
Fluent in Java [2+ years]
Experience with SQL, data modeling, and relational database (Oracle Preferred)
Experience with Java Application Servers (BEA Weblogic preferred), including J2EE, Java Server Pages (JSP) and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
Experience with Solaris and Linux
Strong oral, written and presentation skills
Strong organizational skills
Ability to assess customer needs and define solutions
Must be a self-starter with strong problem solving skills
Please send your resume in text, Word, or PDF to Please include the position for which you are applying in the subject field.
15 years ago