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Hi All

IMHO Nego. is the process rely on your homework.

Before directly asking the amount do homework and you are able to justify the amount you are asking for.

1.Do home work
Similar tech,domain,company much they are paying ?
Try to know what exactly they are looking for and how much you can fit in it
How was your performance in tech interview ?
Whats your current CTC ?

2. After considering all those things derive a range .
3. Be firm about the min value of Range and stick to it

Finally most important thing is you are able to justify the amount you are asking for.
16 years ago
Hi folks,

I am having one doubt regarding the following question which is from

Which one of the following statements regarding the client view of exceptions received from an enterprise bean invocation is correct? Exceptions

1. The client can safely continue the transaction by retrying the operation if an application exception is received.
2. The client can safely continue the transaction by retrying the operation if an application exception is received, but only after checking the transaction has not been marked for rollback.
3. The client can safely continue the transaction by retrying the operation if a non-application exception is received.
4. A local client cannot continue a transaction if javax.transaction.TransactionRolledbackLocalException is received.
5. A remote client cannot continue a transaction if javax.transaction.TransactionRolledbackException is received.

Correct answer is 5 .I dont understand why only 5 why not 4 also. ??
The explaination provided by ejbcertificate is below but dont get the point.

Answer 5 is correct. javax.transaction.TransactionRolledbackException indicates to a remote client that the transaction has definitely been marked for rollback. Therefore it is pointless for the client to continue with the transaction, as the transaction cannot be committed.

Answers 1 and 2 are incorrect. It is potentially dangerous retrying to continue with a transaction after receiving an application exception because it is not always possible to determine the state of the enterprise bean. For example, if the container started a transaction just before invoking an enterprise bean with container-managed transaction and the enterprise bean throws an application exception and does not mark the transaction for rollback, the container commits the transaction before re-throwing the application exception to the client. In this scenario, it is not possible for the client to continue with the transaction on receiving the application exception.

Answer 3 is incorrect. The container will discard the bean instance if a non-application exception is thrown. Answer 4 is incorrect. javax.transaction.TransactionRolledbackException indicates to a local client that the transaction has definitely been marked for rollback. This exception is a subclass of javax.ejb.EJBException.
Hey..Me too preparing for 2.0 and planning to appear in Jan.
Congratulations !!!
Priya dharshini

I had passed SCJP1.4 on 31st August got 100% .

Ihad created my Web-Login to Sun at 5th Semptember ....

Normally how many days it takes to get SUN Certificate kit at India ??? please reply by someone had already passed through this period
18 years ago
Thank you very much all ....Kai Witte ,Mohamed Shafi,Santana Iyer.
It was my dream that i can get comment on my score by my favourite authors ( K & B ).

About Santana Iyer 's quries....
Cool your score is really really very can appear for the exam.
for Marcus Exams though its for 1.2 and u have to minus all question of AWT,IO...but it will stand for your
milestone for SCJP.

But..i have one query to ppl who alreay passsed ....and my dear authors .... i still not get mail from SUN
about my certification so that i can log on to cermananager.....

How much i should i wait....???
What to do ???
18 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

I had clearer SCJP 1.4 with 100% today.

I am regular visitor of JavaRanch.

About the Exam it was not so much easy ..lots of question were trickier .

As i m working as Software Engineer so getting not enough time for prepartion though i m working
mininum 2-3 hours daily for Certification Study.

I had read K&B Book thrice.Given almost all mock Exams in Javaranch Page and Used JQPlus .

Here i want to clear that so many people had posted that K&B is not sufficient but i want to add that
if u match with objectives of 1.4 then u can not get perfect book as K&B.

Yes if u want to gain new concepts and thorough understanding of Java then u can refer Khalid Mughal and Thinking in Java.
But for SCJP 1.4 its sufficient.

Reading Khalid Mughal gives u confidence and good concepts which will help u in so many hard mock exams.

About Mock Exam :

I am getting 66% (JQPlus Tough) , 77% to 88% JQPlus Standard Exams, 96,96,90 in Marcus Exam Accordingly, 85% in Bill Gorden,
91% in John Hunt, 91% K&B Mock Exam.
DO as much as Mock Exams as you can. Read K&B throughly.

I also want to thank you my colleagues Biren,Pankaj who are constantly encourage me and took part actively
in my exam problems .

Last...but not least...the man who inspire me To Be Certified and teach me very very cool concepts of Java ...
my Senior Mr. Purav Gandhi.

and how can i forget you java ranchers...thank you so much.

I am lover of HF(Head First Series)of Kathy Sierra having all HF books so very very much thankful to you both .I had
followed K&B not only by exam contents but also reading tricks and exam related tricks.

Once Again....

Thank you very much
18 years ago
Good Score !!!

Congratulations !!

I want to know that how is the difficult the real SCJP Exam comparision to Dan,Marcus Green and specially K&B Exam....
so many members opinion is that they got 8-10% more than in Real Exam and often they told that exam is not very much tuff....but according to your scores in mock exmas and real exam may be u got harder want to know ur review about real exam....

For SCWCD the excellent book by K&B IS Head First JSP& Servlet

Again Congratulations !!! and waiting for ur reply
18 years ago
hi guys,

Anyone having exp. with Enthuware Mock Exams ?? i need the review about their Mock Exams i mean are they good enough to invest time and the level of difficulity and variatey of question with compare to Real SCJP Exam...

If any Ranchers having passed SCJP and too used Enthuware 's mock exam please help by giving the reivew.

Hi, friends,
i m having doubt about innerclass which declared inside method.

As we know that such a innerclass can access only final local variables of the method.

Also I know that all final variables accessed by Inner Class are implicitly added as its member variables to the Innerclass by Java Compiler.So it can be accessed after method completes....You can check this in the following code you are still getting x 's value by myAA 's referece.

Now after removing the comment at Class AA....
where i m confused is in Class AA also having member x with value 123 now innnerClass accessing the method variable x .so according to member hiding principle the output should be 90 but with surprise it comes....123

So can any body answer my query ?

[ June 23, 2005: Message edited by: Barry Gaunt ]
hi,i m preparing for SCJP i m having one doubt that--->if superclass A having one protected member x and Class B in diff package extends this class A ..will the result is x is inherited to B but it x now become private to B...??? and if some other class C extends it able to accesss x ???
18 years ago