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i am creating jms client to connect with remote message server.

I have remote JMS server who have two ports for management 2500 and messaging 2510

When i am trying to connect with server using port 2510

env.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "tcp://");

it is giving javax.naming.NamingException exception ...

but i am able connect with sever port 2500 but not able to send message.. i can only send message through port 2510..

is there any way where i can connect through port 2500 and send message through port 2510 in same client?
Paul Clapham,

XSLT should output IPAddress only from the Input doc. It should create new element <IPAdress> for each IPAdress

We can group max three IP address under <Address> element.After that we have to create new <Address> element.

I think it will clear some picture....

Can any help me plzzzz?
I have XML like this ..the format is not fixed for this XML...there can any number of empty elements

<entry no="11">Some text</entry >
<entry no="12"></entry >
<entry no="13">IPAddress1..............123456</entry >
<entry no="14">IPAddress2..............453456</entry >
<entry no="15">IPAddress3..............77656</entry >
<entry no="16">Some text</entry >
<entry no="17">IPAddress1..............123456</entry>
<entry no="18">IPAddress2..............67856</entry >
<entry no="19">IPAddress3..............699456</entry >
<entry no="20"></entry >
<entry no="21"></entry >
<entry no="22"></entry >
<entry no="23"></entry>
<entry no="24">IPAddress1..............123456</entry >
<entry no="25">IPAddress2..............443456</entry >
<entry no="26">IPAddress3..............456789</entry>

required output XML



Can you please give me some idea for XSLT logic? I am novice to this.....

How can i iterate over same element?
Thanks all for you kind help specially Alan and Luke.
Can you please explain me with some sample code.
what is Command for checking log of current running process?
11 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

I want to execute Threads in sequence.

Suppose I have Three Threads A, B and C

A(Has lock of object) is performing some job and B&C are waiting on that.

when A will release lock B should get the Lock not C

After that C should get the lock

I was thinking about Priority Setting of each thread.But i am not sure it will work or not .

Need your suggestions...
Hi Rancher,

I have some classes with static blocks(having some variables in side).I want to initiate variables inside static block without creating object of that particular class. I know that i have to load a class in the memory but how?
11 years ago

I have 4+ experience in field of Java/J2ee. I have working experience of XML,XSLT, XPath, ESB,MQSeries,SOA and EAI. I am looking for job in Bangalore,Pune and Delhi region.Please let me know if there is any opening.

11 years ago
Hi Rancher,

I am preparing for IBM XML-142 certification.Are these topics are included in syllabus

- Web Services
- XLink
- XPointer

I am preparing from O'Reilly's "XML In A Nutshell".Is this book is sufficient for preparation? If there is any other book please suggest me.

See go to server/default/config folder and check jboss-log4j.xml file.you can make changes in this file according to your logging requirements.
12 years ago
For servicemix deployer make ".sar" file and put all your jar file inside it.make sure don't put conflicting jar files like "xerces.ar or DOM.jar".Otherwise you will get some error during deployment time.

run JBOSS server and put this ".sar" file in default/Deploy folder. If it is deployed properly u'll see message like "ServiceMix started successfully".
12 years ago

It does not mean if you are getting less marks in Mock,u'll get same in exam.I will suggest you that do JSTL,Custom Tags and EL carefully.I found very tricky Qs in the exam on these topics.That's why i got less marks in the exam.

Be confident....

Best of luck for your exam.
Hi Ranchers,

I have passed SCWCD1.5 with 79%.I know it's not a good score but i am happy.Thanks to all for answering my basic questions and doubts.