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Recent posts by Sangita Mishra

Has anybody followed this book?
- Sun Certified Web Component Developer: Study Guide (Exam 310-081)
by David Bridgewater
IS this book enough?
A very foundamental question: what does it mean by process in following content?

In spec it says:

The request is received by the Web server and handed off to the servlet container.
The servlet container can be running in the same process as the host
Web server, in a different process on the same host, or on a different host from
the Web server for which it processes requests.
Is there a way do disable switching te checkbox on/of and making it grey.

I want to create a grey checked checkbox.

When I use "disabled" in the input tag it doesn't submit the value of the checkbox.
15 years ago

Why do u want to register in

what is this site for?
16 years ago
Can a class extend Thread and implement Runnable at the same time like:

class myThread extends Thread implements Runnable{

yes, that's right. But just be careful as floor retuns a double but round returns an int or long.
The answer given is 1 and 5. 2 can't be the answer as this can only be called from a constructor.
What would be answer?

Consider the following method...
public int setVar(int a, int b, float c) { ...}
Which of the following methods correctly overload the above method ?

1. public int setVar(int a, float b, int c)
return setVar(a, c, b);
2. public int setVar(int a, float b, int c)
return this(a, c, b);
3. public int setVar(int x, int y, float z)
return x+y;
4. public float setVar(int a, int b, float c)
return c*a;
5. public float setVar(int a)
return a;
How did you find
as compared to real exam. Is it as difficult as real exam?
16 years ago

It's giving compile error. Can somebody please tell me what would be the exact metoh of TreeSet iterator in this case?
[ June 26, 2005: Message edited by: Sangita Mishra ]
That means
1) the overriding method may not throw an exception even if overridden method does
2) if the overriding method thows an exception it should be either same or subclass of the exception thrown by overriden method
3) overriding method can not thorw a new checked exception
4) but overriding method can always thorw new uncehcked exception (ex: runtime excpetion)
Yes it will print long, long. As both int and long canbe converted to long and long is more specific than float and double.
The leftmost bit always represents the sign of the number.
It should left out when finding out the value.
So if the leftmost bit is 1 then it's a -ve number.
For -ve number you have to find the number by 2's complement method (NOT as you calculate foe +ve numbers). ex:

14 in binary is 00001110 (if it is a byte)
-14 in binary is 11110010
No in certain cases (when assigning child object to Parent reference), it gives runtime expetion. see example below:
Yes, it's very much clear now.