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Recent posts by saxena Amit

I want to use the Timer Bean in my application in order to generate a regular WorkOrder invoice in a perticular time intervals.
i created the interfaces for the timer bean,but not able to implement createTimer() method in start up servlet.

Thanks in advance

In multiuser environment suppose a user close the browser
then his/her session is still active till session timeout.
Before session timeout if s/he wants to
login again,i want to invalidate his/her earlier session
hows that possible ?
is there a way to track an activesession in order to invalidate the same.
When a user closes the window (you cannot know the session is killed),
his session is still active.
I want to invalidate his session prior to the session timeout.
Is there a way in SERVLET to invalidate the session of a user who closed the browser without logging out.
Pl help, its urgent.
I am working on struts and ejb.
Is there a way to get a session's attribute after session timeout.I used

HttpSessionBinding interface.
public void valueUnbound(HttpSessionBindingEvent event) {
log.debug("User is UnBound as "+event.getSession().getId());

I am able to get the sessionId.
But it is not able to get attribute as tomcat already run removeAttribute().Server prompts error at this point.
How should I get attribute in valueUnbound(..)if session is timed out.