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Recent posts by Jason Liao

A dojo (道場, dōjō?) is a Japanese term which literally means "place of the way".

Originally posted by Bob Liu:

I asked IBM's technical support, they said RAD7 can only run with IBM's JDK on windows. They don't suggest to switch JDK.

You have to ask the third-party vendor if their library/sample works in IBM JDK 5 or is it a bug?

Good luck.
14 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Sturrock:
You might find this helpful.

Very nice introduction. Thanks.
Just figure it out. XML namespaces are different in other servers.

Thanks for review.

14 years ago
Hi, All,

I use Xerces-J to validate XML and it works fine in dev server, but it does bypass the validation in other servers (same windows OS), even the same code and configurations. Did you meet the same situation before?

Thanks in advance.


My environment: XercesJ 2.6.2 + Tomcat 4.1.27 + JDK 1.3.1+ windows 2000 server.

My code: use DOMParser.

Expeceted validation messages:

[org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: cvc-maxLength-valid: Value '12345678901' with length = '11' is not facet-valid with respect to maxLength '9'., org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: cvc-type.3.1.3: The value '12345678901' of element 'CODE' is not valid.]
14 years ago
Apache 2.0 is an HTTP server and does not support JSP.
But Apache Tomcat is a JSP server and You can use is as an HTTP/Servlet/JSP server alone if you do not need features from Apache HTTP server.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Merrill Higginson:
Implementing a single page in a different framework makes nothing but trouble for you and for any other developers trying to maintain this application in the future. Unless you're planning to rewrite the entire applicatoin in JSF, my advice is to just do the page in Struts.


Good point.
15 years ago
Great article about interviews.

Thanks a lot.

15 years ago

Nice demo. I have one question about it. Can you display different images like tiff, jpeg, gif, etc?


15 years ago

JAVA_HOME = /usr/java/1.5.0_08
CLASSPATH => points to Java 5, not 1.4.2
CATALINA_HOME -> points to Tomcat 5.0.3x

Set JRE_HOME=/usr/java/1.5.0_08
15 years ago