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Congrats Sathish !!!
Great Score!
Is there any other book besides HFSJ that you used.
I am preparing for the Exam and plan to take it next week.

16 years ago
Congrats liping
Great Score
16 years ago
Congrats Ron !!!
16 years ago
Hi Tom,
My approach was simple. My locking mechanism was implemented by simple Synchronize wait and notifyall. I had a static Hashtable which holds the locked records with a cookie. In my case I used the instance of the Data class as a cookie to identify the unique client because I have one data class instance per client connection.
I used RMI to implement the server.
I took the idea of Andrew while implementing the server.
Here is the thread for itlocking without a cookie

Let me know if you need to know anything specific.

16 years ago
Thanks Kristin and Andrew.
16 years ago
I am pleased to inform you all that I have passed my SCJD Exam with a good score of 363/400.
I am very thankful to all of these Forum members.
Even though I did not have many posts I got so much info from reading the topics and I got a perfect score on locking.

Here is my score
General Con: 100 92
Documentation: 70 63
OOD: 30 30
GUI: 40 28
Locking: 80 80
Data Store: 40 40
Network Server: 40 30
Total: 400 363

Once again I Thank each and every member of the forum.
This Forum rules


[Andrew: Changed title (prior to moving to Sun Cert Results forum)]
[ September 16, 2005: Message edited by: Andrew Monkhouse ]
16 years ago
Thanks a lot for pointing to the threads with those discussion. It really helps.

Hi Andrew,
Sorry, I know what mistake I did. I read the SCJD FAQ and I will not do it again.

Thanks John,
Can you please point me to that thread if possible.
Hi ranchers,
I am working on B&S version 2.3.1. I am reading the posts about locking and everybody talks about lock cookie. But my assignment have the method lock without a cookie
// Locks a record so that it can only be updated or deleted by this client.
// If the specified record is already locked, the current thread gives up
// the CPU and consumes no CPU cycles until the record is unlocked.
public void lock(int recNo) throws RecordNotFoundException;
// Releases the lock on a record.
public void unlock(int recNo) throws RecordNotFoundException;
After reading the previous posts I am confused as to how I can use lock cookie in my design and implementation. I am stuck here. Please help me.
Did any body get this version of Assignment?