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Recent posts by Hafiz Shaikh

Well, you can defintely use XML to be the model for GEF, but your actual XML file instance cannot be a model. You will need to create your own model on the basis of the XML file.
This model should have following functionalities:
- way to get and set any property of the model
- serialize the changes back to XML file
- if possible, notification mechanism for any model changes.

All things mentioned above will not automatically happen via GEF.

Instead GEF will provide you with common functionalities like :
- render your model elements as Figure`s in UI.
- process user input from Mouse and keyboard.
- provide hooks for updating the model
- and most important, provide undo/redo support.

This answer is base upon my current level of understanding with GEF.
I hope I have answered to your concerns.
16 years ago
I too would say that culture is one importand thing to consider when you are moving to another company.
As far as IBM is considered, culture is excellent. very friendly and no restrictions in internet usage.
About EDS, i dont have much idea. I guess they are better in giving onsite opportunity.
16 years ago