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Recent posts by Claude Moore

Thanks for getting back to us and let us know you found a working solution !
Let me say I am still puzzled with this fast pace in new Java releases...
4 days ago

Nathan Milota wrote:

Claude Moore wrote:
I don't know what requirements I need.  I have a PC and Windows 10.

What Cpu and how much memory do yo do you have?

5 days ago
When does your Eclipse installation freeze ? During autocompletion of code ? When you run your application ? What else ?
As suggested by Liutauras, are you sure that hardware requirements are satisfied?
6 days ago

Liutauras Vilda wrote: However, if there are specific problems with Eclipse on your machine, you can try other IDE(s) as IntelliJ, NetBeans.

Seems that STS 4.0 isn't supported neither on Netbeans nor Intellij.
6 days ago
I would suggest you to talk to your system administrator. The trace you posted looks like a normal shutdown operation issued by a remote agent controller,not a failure.
1 week ago

Peter Rooke wrote:
I do think Sun made a mistake of continuing to use the Enterprise Java Beans name with the improved version 3.  

Well, a bad fame is something you definitely have to deal with when selling something, and when you are proposing a technology stack, you must take in account how good a technology is perceived, not only how good a technology is. Keeping EJB name didn't helped, no matter that an Ejb 3 has nothing to share with the cumbersome complexity of Ejb 2.0. Something very similar may happen with Microprofile initiative.. Most of the programmers I know think that stuff isn't anything better than old-fashioned Java EE pruned here and there, and their approach is quite always "please, stay away from me".  Personally I believe that being able to choose which part of the Java EE (now Jakarta EE) adopt for your own real needs it's a good thing.Personally I think that if microprofiles were thrown in the IT arena years ago,  it would be a great benefit for Java  for enterprise context.
1 week ago

Tim Holloway wrote:
I can think of only 2 other fad blunders of that magnitude: Building major systems based on CORBA (remember CORBA? Millenials won't get this!). And building major systems on OLE/ActiveX.

... and I would add Applet-based systems as well to the list of broken promises.
About OS/2, I think it was simply too eager of resources for the time it was released. I remember one of my friends that installed  it on his home PC and was desperated for the huge (for the time) quantity of memory it needed.
1 week ago
Spring boot allows you to build a fat jar and run it as a standalone application as well as build a war file meant to be deployed in a servlet container capable appserver as Tomcat. You need to change the class responsible for bootstrapping spring application context to achieve this (sorry, I don't remember by heart the details).
1 week ago
The problem with EJBs is that they still bear all the blame they gained with early versions - most of which they honestly deserved , so nowadays they aren't so much popular.
IMHO if you are working with an application server supporting a recent Java EE version there's no real reason to avoid  using EJBs 3.0. They provide transaction support, REST support, asynchronous call support for free.
1 week ago
Java won't fade away anytime soon, and probabily will never die (as a language and technology). There are no signs indicating Java's usage decline, most important the community around Java is huge and thriving.
It's more likely that a new introduced language, let's call it 'X', after a phase of big hype, will disappear, just because there's no a large codebase written in 'X' to keep it alive, nor a community large enough to evolve it.
And as you know, every trend soon or later fades away.
2 weeks ago

Monica Shiralkar wrote:I am trying to understand that either a language needs var which can be used to assign anything or either it needs String, Int , Char etc for the specific types. Buy why both?

Monica, in the last releaseas Java introduced a lot of changes, many of them being just syntactic sugar.var is among those changes that are essentially a syntactic sugar, i.e a way to write less boilerplate code.Instead of typing, for example,
with var you can simply write

Less chars to type.  The same applies to the for each syntax: you avoid to explicitly iterate over an index, the sintax is clearer and you are protected against index out of bounds errors.
Of course language designers need to be conservative, and older constructs must be supported not to break existing code.
The very same principle applies to C# as well.
2 weeks ago

tangara goh wrote:
May I know do I partition my harddisk on my Windows OS so that I can use Linux every time instead of first having to use Windows system before switching to Linux ?
I would appreciate it if you could point me to some beginner tutorial so that I can use Linux on my machine without logging into Windows 10 administrator command prompt.

If you're moving your very first steps, I would avoid starting with dual boot. It's not difficult to setup, but for an absolute beginner I'd suggest to start with Ubuntu. Besides the fact Ubuntu is a great distro, widely adopted, you can run it along side with Windows as if it were a normal application.
Have a look at their website for further information.
3 weeks ago
One could argue pretty the same about Java. In Java you have int, float, double, char, the corresponding wrapper types, string and string buddies String buffer and string builder and we could go on listing for a while; recently 'var' keyword has been added to the language (var is not a type in both languages, is a placeholder to tell the compiler to infer the actual type of a variable).
I would not call such richness a problem.
3 weeks ago
Personally I develop on Windows and deploy on Linux. While developing on Windows is more an habit that an actual need , deployment on a Linux machine is mine #1 best practice. At least for me. Why ? Because most of times Linux makes the deployment stage - and monitoring also -simpler.
3 weeks ago