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Recent posts by Rob Lynn

Nevermind - I saw this moved to the jsp forum for a while so I searched that one and found the answer (request.getRequestURL()). Now I just have to figure out how to do the same thing in XSLT!
How can I get the current url to the screen in a JSP? No matter what I put in I get back exactly what I typed. Here's my latest attempt:

document.write("<a href="javascript rocessWindow( 'ABC', 'def', '");
var url = window.location.href;
document.write( url );
document.write("', 'ghi', 'Test ')">Process Window</a>");

Thanks in advance!
I get an error using the following code in Firefox, but it works fine in IE. The problem is with "previousItem.appendChild(theList)":

Why is this not working? Thanks in advance!
As soon as I looked at my last post, I realized what a mess my file was. I'm trying to remove old entries & clean it up a little (& put everything in 1 css instead of 2) - hopefully I can fix this on my own. Thanks!
Sorry, I must have left out something important in my last post. I tried the above out and it displayed ok. So I copied more of one of my css files in and had the problem. Here's the revised css:
I tried to pick out all of the entries that apply to this page (the file is pretty long):

When I display the following page in Firefox, list item 1 & its children do not appear. The only way I have been able to get them to appear is to delete the entire <div id="functions"> above it. Although this is not the final arrangement of the page, I will need to be able to access these functions. How can I keep the top section and still see all of the list items in the lower section? (BTW, this does not happen in IE.) Thanks in advance!

Hi. I am have a dropdown 'select' that should populate several other fields on the page depending on which item was selected. My select objects come from a java object (I'm using jsps and jstl to iterate through the object list and populate the options.) Other fields in the java object would be the (default) values for the fields that are populated based on the selection. My intention is to populate arrays using javascript with the values contained in the object for each field and then use the selected index to access them and set the form values. My problem is how to get the extra fields out of the java object and into the javascript array. Here's where I'd like to do it:

How can I accomplish this? Thanks!
Yes, I can select the node and get the text/attributes I need. My biggest problem so far is the numbering.
Thanks for the quick response! Actually, the numbers are generated automatically. Right now I'm making do with just the final digit because when I select an item, I only want to select the text and not the number. However, I may have to change the way I'm doing things to display the entire number string.
I am trying new things and am not sure what is doable. I want to allow the user to edit an outline in an html page and use javascript to make the changes. Then I want to grab the outline (which right now is implemented using embedded lists) and send the whole thing to the back end to parse and put into the database. 1. Can I do this by having a hidden field in the form which I can then pass to the database or is there a size limit on these fields? Or can I just assign a large amount of text to a request parameter/is there a size limit there? 2. My numbering system really should be 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.1.2, etc. - is there a way to implement this (either with or without lists?)

I have the following code:

When I step through the code it seems to be fine - no exceptions thrown, etc. However, the change does not appear in the database. I have the correct database name in server.xml. Why would this be failing? BTW, I am trying this because when I tried Spring's jdbc, the table would be corrupted each time, and I had to delete the table and start over.
[ August 18, 2005: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
I have an xml element passed to a jsp page as a parameter that I would like to transform into (X)HTML and display in my JSP. I have xml that follows the following dtd:

I have the following stylesheet:

I also have the following jsp page:

How can I put the pieces together?

I am looking for a solution for outputting my outline in a JSP. I don't know how many levels each item will have. Each outline item is in an OutlineItem object that contains other OutlineItems. Getting them in there was easy, but I can't figure out how to print them on a JSP page. Should I consider a custom tag library? I am using j2sdk1.4.2_08, Tomcat 4.13, and Spring.

12 years ago
I am new to frameworks and am trying to decide which framework, if any, I want to use with my J2EE web app. I will have two requirements in addition to everything else which can use servlets/JSPs: use of a web service to validate the login and integration with a third-party tool (as an alternate method of inputting data, which will be mostly large text fields.) I do not have a copy of the third-party tool and it is not well documented, but I will need to add it to the web page. Any ideas??

Thanks in advance!