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Recent posts by Antonio Giovanni

Hi Joe Ess ,

Thanks a bunch for your answer;
Those are the kind of answers i am looking for.

I too heard from the same guys that yeah the project(s) they work generally last 2-3 months and they have to work around 10-12 hrs a day. .. for the first few projects,.. but once they acquire knowledge after a couple of projects it should be ok..

It looks like one can do only if he is a bachelor and has no other work but ready to slog everyday and make a lot of money.. there is a lot of travel,.. I will try to learn more about their work and all and see

If anybody else too wants to share a point, i am ready to listen...


[ August 22, 2006: Message edited by: Antonio Giovanni ]
17 years ago

Nobody has a clue about this topic ??
I am really wanting to hear what you guys say

17 years ago
Hi all,..

Well i don't think many would like this topic in a java forum, but i just want to hear from you guys about this, because i have trust in what you people say

The question is do SAP guys earn more than java guys... well i am not talking about SAP in particular, but it could be any CRM or ERP softwares.. all this data warehousing and all that stuff... is it big bucks ???

I know java is great to work on, it's fun,.. interesting and thrilling, but sometimes priorities change(for me),.. nothing wrong in exploring some other software for a couple of months or something,.. maybe you might like it..
added to that you are making a lot more money.

In the US, i am hearing from a lot of guys from india,.. that these CRM, ERP softwares get them BIG Bucks$$$

What do you guys think, your opinions? do all these softwares and technologies are very highly paid compared to java.. how much could be the difference..?

I really want to hear what guys from india in US would say about this?? because they definitely should be having friends who are into these technologies.

I really appreciate your time and help on this matter.

PS: I am actually talking about consultants not full time salaries
[ August 21, 2006: Message edited by: Antonio Giovanni ]
17 years ago
Ok, so idlii's are made with the help of some holder - something that holds them.

Can i have that idlii corresponding to that holder
I like big idliis kiddin
[ August 09, 2006: Message edited by: Antonio Giovanni ]
17 years ago
Hi all,...

I am copying and pasting from a previously discussed thread:

It may depend upon which servlet container and version you are using. Under the Servlet 2.3 specification, the definition of the sessionDestroyed method was:

Notification that a session was invalidated.

under Servlet 2.4:

Notification that a session is about to be invalidated.

So it is perfectly plausible that a 2.3 engine would blow away the session prior to calling sessionDestroyed, while a 2.4 engine will not.

My question:

I am presently using Websphere App server 5.0 with Servlet 2.3 specs, BUT it actually behaves like Servlet 2.4 specs,.. i have access to session data in sessionDestroyed method - its like - Notification that a session is about to be invalidated.

So, now my question is did websphere handle Servlet 2.3 specs in a different way ?? OR it is like some kind of a TYPO in Servlet 2.3 API documentation which they corrected in Servlet 2.4 API documentation.

[ August 09, 2006: Message edited by: Antonio Giovanni ]
17 years ago
Hi all,..

Does IE6 support CSS3, which i can use for displaying page numbers..
as mentioned here

When i tested it does not work,.. just want to hear from u guys ...

ok... looks like hot deployment will take care of changes in web.xml
but it definitely invalidates all the existing sessions..

Anyway lets not hijack this thread,.. i just want to know how you guys display the "Application is shut down page " when the application is down, and yeah the application server is not down and is running.

18 years ago
Hi kri shan,

Thanks ... my websphere does support hot deployment,.. and i think by mistake u didn't understand my point

I do not restart my application server,.. i restart only my Application,.. the other applications will be running..

and well i restart my application when i change the web.xml,... in which case i assume u have got to start ur application again..
Will hot deployment take care of this ?? handle changes in web.xml ??

For simple updates i follow the hot deployment..

Thanks anyway
18 years ago
Hi all, ..

Firstly i do not know which forum this question goes into;.. sorry if i am in the wrong forum,..

Well, we have a j2ee application running on websphere ,..(not simultaneously running on many servers, running on just 1 server)

Now when we want to update the application,.. generally what i do is stop the application,.. update by installing the EAR file and then start the application again.

My question is when the application is shut down,.. is there a way to show a page saying application is down or something like that instead of the
HTTP 404 Not Found Error.

How do u guys do it ?? I know if the application is running on many servers, you can do the re-routing thing,.. something like that..

Any ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated,.. i know u java-ranchers have great ideas and knowledge


PS: is there a way that u can do some kind of set up in the Http server to handle this..
18 years ago
Hi all,..

In or log4j.xml, in the ConversionPattern is there a way to write the context root or the project name also ??

I presently have something like:

and it writes:

Is there a way to include context root or project name also in the log message ?? something like ..

I really appreciate your help on this

Thanks again
Hi Peter Rooke,

Thanks a lot for that link
That explains a lot about IPv6
18 years ago
Yeah i understand this is Meaningless Drivel

I do know that they do not use 64bit yet,.. but just curious when ..
probably lets just ignore this. That's why i put it here
18 years ago
Hi all,..

Firstly i don't know which forum this message goes in , but i'm writing it here :roll:

In 1 of our projects, we record client IP address in a database table having varchar(15).

Now i am not really sure if we are still with 32bit IP address or 64bit IP address??
Any ideas when they would make it 64bit ??

Appreciate your ideas
18 years ago
Sorry for all the "& lt; " they actually mean <
Hi everybody,..

Got some question and i know you guys can give me a better solution

ok, i open a child window using

Now what i want to happen is, whenever an event is generated on the parent window i want to close the childwindow.
I am presently doing this by having something like the following in EVERY link on the parent window:

This is getting my thing done, but well having this for every link on the parent window does not sound like a good solution

Any better solution for this ??

Thanks guys