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Recent posts by tery valencia

Hi guyz,

I d like to know how many people have seen a notable improvement in their professional career after getting certified SCEA.
I mean, an improvement can be : change job with higher wage , same job but with an extra $ on existing wage ...

It would be fun to see if actually , we can gain sthg from our efforts.

thanks for participating.


Originally posted by Jose Jim�nez:
Two hour ago that I am finished the III part of SCEA Exam. In the result report say that the result will be about in 4 or 6 week . Really the result delay so much ??? I will tell you my result. I am very nervous

Very thanks to all for your help �����

I hope to have good lucky ����

..sometimes it even lasts more than 10 weeks .... follow my eyes ...


Originally posted by Koen Serneels:

So you did not draw all the classes necesairy for the pattern in question ? Not even on your other diagrams ?

[ November 15, 2005: Message edited by: Koen Serneels ]


Originally posted by Koen Serneels:
Congrats Tery !

I have also a question for you;

Can you tell how you showed the different patterns used ? For example; if you used an abstract factory pattern, did you draw all the classes in the class diagram ? Or did you only comment it in your notes that you used this pattern there...


[ November 15, 2005: Message edited by: Koen Serneels ]

comments on uml diagrams + comments in final doc


Originally posted by Pankaj Mishra:
Your Long wait is atlast over!!


Could you pls answer a few questions

1.In which of the two diagrams(component or sequence) did you show the DTOs.
---->sequence diagrams
Cade's component diagram doesn't show any DTOs.

2.How did you do the state management for the Java client. Did you use an SFSB or client side management ?
Could you also refer some sources where I can find examples showing state management using java client or SFSBs.
hmm Sun tutorials

3.In the Component Diagrams given in Mark Cade only the 'dependency' relationship between
various components is shown.In case we need to show the 'generalization'(inheritance) or
'realization' relationships then how do we show them ?
put this in class diagrams
In case we dont show these relationships in the component diagram, then in which diagram
do we show them ?

Note - In the above I am referring to the components and not the various classes in
the 'class diagram'.

Thanks In Advance

Originally posted by seandev zhang:
Hi Tery,


Could you tell me where I can see the detail report? I mean I upload the my assigment solution in Nov 2, but I can not see any event in CertManager. The 310-061(Part II) is only shown in history and it's status is 'Pending', no any other details is shown. I don't kown the status is Ok? How can I see the detail of progress or result?


u should see it when they update your status .. not before ... u need to be patient


Originally posted by chao cai:
Did you draw sequence digram for logging and create profile?
Can you talk about your component diagram in detail?

Congratulations and Thanks

I made some extra sequence diagram, e.g. logging and create profile.

I can not talk in details about component diagram but i can say that keeping things simple as it has been described in previous posts here, leads you to a pretty clear component diagram. There s no trick. and i dont think this diagram has to be complicated to get credit.

This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual amount of points you were awarded. This information is provided in order to give you feedback on your relative strengths on a section basis. The maximum number of points you could have received is 100, minimum to pass is 70. Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 35 Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 35 Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 12

I had to wait quite a moment, but finally the result is positive

Thanks to everyone here who contributes to my success, by posting in this board.


Originally posted by Theodore Casser:

I took the test on 28 June '05 and they sent it to the assessor on 29 July '05.

yeah that s one month ... for me , almost two !!!

i can not imagine , getting a negative result after this ...


Originally posted by Theodore Casser:

Sorry, didn't notice this at first. *blush* The wife and I were out of town for a wedding this weekend and I'm still getting back up to speed.

Try here - they have links to the various contact-us pages.

arghhh i uploaded Part II the 23th of august ...i took part III on 9th of september ...



"Your upload was received, and your assignment was sent to the assessor for grading on 2005-10-31. It will be 2-4 weeks from the date your assignment was sent to the assessor before your scores will be reflected at the assignment watcher database {http://www.certmanager.net/sun_assignment}."

What should i understand ???

Prometric kept my assignment and/or part III nearly two before sending it for grading ??? is it real ???

pfff 25 days ....

i phoned Sun the other day ... and they dont have any clue of what is happening with me .. they can not even tell my status. (that was Sun Spain).


Originally posted by Theodore Casser:
Wow. I'm famous, apparently. (Or infamous as the case may be.)

First, I'd check i7 and see what the status of the exam is. It should show that your Part II score is pending (or at least acknowledge receipt of it.) Make sure that it's listed there in some fashion. If it is, and Prometric's not answering your emails (remember that they warn it might take 2 business days to respond), then go to Sun Education's pages and call their contact number - the people I spoke to there were very good about getting results and I had my scores by the end of the business day that I contacted them. (Granted, it had been months already since I sent in my test.)

I'd bear in mind that they warn you in advance about scoring taking 4-8 weeks, so in theory, they have until November 7th (first business day after the 8 weeks) before they're "late"...

I have some answers from prometric but it s a copy/paste of a model they sent to ask you to shut up ... pfff

I think i ll call ...

theodore, do you have the url of this page ? sun 's site is so messy.


Hi all,

Tomorrow is a sad date. It s been 8 weeks i m waiting for the results and the prometric staff does not answer me to the numerous emails i sent.

How can i obtain my results ???

This makes me think to Theodore 's story

I took part III on 9th of September ...


any help ?


Originally posted by Theodore Casser:
This is entirely normal. Don't fret.

You need to keep an eye on the CertManager - http://www.certmanager.net/sun_assignment/ - for your final grade. While i7 will show if you pass/failed, CertManager will show your break-down. (And for why you only see Part II, the two parts are combined for grading.)

Best of luck!

I sent an email to Sun, and they told me it was normal NOT to see the answers of part III in i7 web page. so i m confused : why do u see them and i dont, knowing that the default is not to see the answers.

any clue ?


Originally posted by Shuai Jam:
Dear tery,

I see the answer under i7pl database, when I click the history link, and click the detail of the exam 310-061, I see all my answers.

BTW: I must say, certmanager of sun is not a good system.

Well i dont see anything ....

I wonder if this is important or not ...

everybody sees its answers ?