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Recent posts by vidhyasagar reddy

Hi guys,

We are facing some issues with applets.
The requirement is to force the applet to use MSJVM irrespective of browser option(IE option "Use SunJRE for <applet> tag") is checked or not.

1. For that I tried to load the applet using <object> tag and passed the clsid as "clsid:08B0E5C0-4FCB-11CF-AAA5-00401C608501" then also it is loading SUNJVM if IE option "Use SunJRE for <applet> tag".

2. When I read the docs , just by deleting TreatAs subkey for clsid 08B0E5C0-4FCB-11CF-AAA5-00401C608501 , it will load the applet through MSJVM and it is loading too.

3. But the problem is if I delete this TreatAs key , it is loading the MSJVM for all the applets using <applet> tag as well as <object> tag aslo if "Use SunJRE for <applet> tag" is checked.

so what is want to know is:

1. can we use <object> tag and force only the applets using <object> tag to load through MSJVM (applets using <applet> tag should work asusual)?

2. Can we configure new clsid for MSJVM?

13 years ago

We are a product company & build web based products for multi-channel customer interaction hubs.

We are facing some issues with loading of applets, when there are other JREs installed alognwith MSJVM -

Problem Scenario:-
We use applets extensively in our product. Since the application is web-based, the customer accesses our application through Microsoft IE-6. We use MSJVM to load applets. Following is a sample applet tag, that we use to load an applet in our application.

<applet id="cl1"
codebase="../../../../../lib/int/platform" ARCHIVE ="egpl_cl.jar,egpl_uicommon.jar"
width=100% height=100% style="left:0;top:0" mayscript>'

The problem comes when we've other JREs, like SunJVM installed. Till now we forcing customer to uncheck following option in IE Settings --> Advanced tab --> Java(Sun).

"Use JRE 1.6.0 for <applet> (requires restart)".

Problem Statement:-
Our customers need to access other applications & websites, which need the above option to be checked. So we need a way by which we can force Microsoft IE6 to use only MSJVM irrespective of the above option.

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13 years ago
Hi All,

As we are in the process of starting a new software company.
we want clients , any of the clients who are facing
" security issues in their product can contact us"

intially we are providing for java/j2ee projects/products only.


vidhya sagar reddy.

"Sharp Minds makes others to think...!"
14 years ago
Hi Amita ,
if ur serious enough to start freelancing
just contact me.

don't forget to send ur skill set.

once if every thing is finalized then we will start working together.


vidhya sagar reddy.

"Sharp Minds makes others to think...!"
14 years ago
hi every body
as soon as am starting my applications and which creates remote references
through rmi it is giving that the server object is not having any remote reference.

i found no references
>by implementing the unreferenced interface

my dbts are:

>java.rmi.dg.leaseValue is 10 mins by default
i increased this value and tried hold references but no use
>but when i do above using the simple dummy interface it is working fine
but not in my application
>i didn't override this varibale any where in my application

can any body suggest me wt could be the problem?
14 years ago
In the first statement when one object is created for the string

"xx"---> memory is allocated for xx and the corresponding variable just refer to the already created memory

for String s = new String("xx");

memory is allocated for "xx"

and for var s again seperate memory allocated

here 2 objects are created in the memory
14 years ago
for e.g if the file name is retrived at runtime using
u can't use this in directive include
but can in jsp:include

got it
14 years ago
just read the docs for servlet applet communication

and u u can have access to the applet fields by using the AppletContext

and check availability of those fields by using the servlet

and by using the script u acan do further processing
14 years ago
no problem u can do it
but when ur trying to acess the properties file
use the relative path to acess it
14 years ago
function op()
<% invalidate session here %>"new.html");
<a href onklick="op()">click</a>
14 years ago
i was not getting the problem with environment ?
did u hard coded the path of the .properties file

just give some code then only we can understand the eact problem?
14 years ago
can u tell me under which conditions we have to use Vector not array list with some example code
14 years ago
when i was using the arraylist in the place of vector in a servlet
does it make any difference because vector is synchronized and arraylist is not synchronized right !
14 years ago
hai i want to find whether jre installed or not using the java code

the code i was using now is
<applet ....>
browser not java enabled
it will show only message when the browse is not java enabled

but i want to do some action when jre is not installed

thanks in advance
14 years ago
Hai every body

vector is synchronized and arraylist is not synchronized

can any body explain me what happens we use the vector and arraylist in the servlet.
will it produce the same o/p
or not?
if possible provide me sample code
14 years ago