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Recent posts by Roberto Surdich

In my project (JEE 6, JBoss 7.1, JDK 1.7), I have several @Named CDI, all inheriting from a common @ConversationScoped abstract class.

I've noticed that if I define an interceptor and I apply this interceptor to the same abstract (thus, applying it by inheritance to all the CDI beans mentioned before), it happens that:

the method this.getClass() called on an instance returns the proxy class and no more the class itself;
the performance of the application is dramatically getting worse, both during the initial startup both during the normal activity; it seems that the amount of memory used by the application has increased a lot, simply adding this interceptor.
I'm a little confused, because it looks like applying the interceptor makes the beans "managed", whereas they all should be seen as "managed" also without the interceptor, since they already were "named".

What am i missing? Did anyone have the same problem about performance? Is there something I can check?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi all.

I'm trying to configure my Eclipse Ant Builder, so that I can have the WAR of my web-app generated in a single task.

The "build.xml" that Eclipse generates as a result of the "Export" task does good (obviously!), but I'd like to add a "generate-war" task, which (depending on the "build" task) should also create the WAR, adding all the needed resources into it.

The problem I'm facing is about the external libraries that I want to be included in the "WEB-INF/lib" directory of the WAR.

Infact, I'd like them to be "loaded" directly from the classpath, that is directly from the "path" element created by eclipse during the Export task.

So, in "build.xml" I have:

where, for example:

And in "build-user.xml" I want to make a target capable of copying all the jars referenced by "MyWebApp.classpath", discovering them automatically.

The problem is that the "copy" tasks need a fileset or a dir, whereas what I have is a path reference...

Has anyone been involved in the same?
Thanks in advance for your help!!
12 years ago
Hi all.

Has anyone experienced troubles in starting Tomcat as a service on a server where IIS is already installed and running?

Note that:
1) The platform is Win2003.
2) I don't want to integrate IIS whit Tomcat, but just make them work separately.
3) If I start Tomcat "as a program" (via startup.bat) instead of "as a service" everything is fine.
4) the System Event Viewer is not logging any error when I start the Tomcat Service, but the web server seems to be in a loop, not responding to any call.

Any help will be appreciated!
13 years ago