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Recent posts by Marco Lombardo

Can anyone provide guidance on the following information?

-Risk Management section of scea part 2
I refer to the part where are asked to identify the three major risks of the project.
How long should be (in terms of words) each description of the resolution or mitigation? How many words more or less?

- scea part 3 (essay)
How long should be (in terms of words) each answers?

Can you give me confirmation of the following?
- The step 3 of SCEA is an exam that runs in prometric
- After step 3 exam there is not a result because the result of the certification comes some weeks after sending the email containing the assignment (which should be sent after the examination of step 3).

It's all right?

You can have references to articles or books that explain how to calculate the capacity of a system (hardware, ram, etc ,...) for example by the number of users or other requirements?
I refer to how would be designed hardware of a generic J2EE application.

Anyone can help me about my following questions about scea part2:

Already in the development of my design do I predict how solve these threats ?
Or I have to stop my project, and predict how I will change my design if these threats will occur?

I would understand better the phrases:

"What is the probability if it happens? What is the impact it happens?
What kind of measures are you taken if it happens?"

My questions are:
Already in the development of my design do I predict how solve these threats ?
Or I have to stop my project, and predict how I will change my design if these threats will occur?

Risk and Mitigation List is a section of deliverables in scea part2.
It takes 16 points of 160 total points of part2 of the exam.
Anyone know a guidance to identifiy them?
I was investing to find a Risk (and relative Mitigation) non my assignment (part2 on scea).
Such risks are purely technical or other (functional, costs, etc...)?
I find on my assignment a part where there are uptime system and response time requirements... are these risks?
Can you give me some guidance on how to find certain risk on assignment part?

Where can I find information on the preparation for this essay?
Onother question...
the essay is an examination written or oral?

1) The J2EE Architect's Handbook ==>
2) J2EE Best Practices: Java Design Patterns, Automation, and Performance ==>
3) Software Architecture in Practice ==>
4) J2EE Performance Testing by Peter Zadrozny, Philip Aston, and Ted Osborne (Paperback - July 11, 2003)
5) Pro Java EE 5 Performance Management and Optimization by Steven Haines (Hardcover - May 11, 2006)
6) Java Performance Tuning (2nd Edition) by Jack Shirazi (Paperback - Jan. 2003)
7) Java Enterprise Best Practices by Robert Eckstein, J. Steven Perry, and O'Reilly Authors (Paperback - Dec. 2002)
8) Building Scalable and High-Performance Java Web Applications Using J2EE Technology by Greg Barish (Paperback - Dec. 27, 2001)

The index.html named with prometric Id and name/surname and all gifs in the same directory.
A last questione: Which are all the deliverables (gifs) in the jar?



This is correct the following structure (jar file with four items) ?

+ Name_Surname_Prometric_Id.jar
- index.html (file)
- Component Diagram (directory)
- Sequence Diagram (directory)
- Class Diagram (directory)

What about index.html content? Is there a guide line?
can you tell me how to be organized structure of the assignment?
Are there topics where I can find information about it?

Does anyone know when will be made upgrade to scea 6 ?
Is there some information about this?

Fot the assignment (step 2 of 3) i have the following question:
the sender address is the same for all country??
If I understand correctly:
- Phase two of the examination can be done offline and I have a year to complete it.
To access the file or requirements is enough to have the link where to do a download and I do not have to go to Prometric site for it. When I was given this link?

- The delivery of the project of the phase two of examination should be done after step three. So to get to phase three do not have to have completed phase two .. right?