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Sorry about that; I meant to write that it is the next best thing since sliced bread.

Just wait a minute here. Sliced bread is my favorite breakfast.

Pro Spring......


Does it cover all the points above?

Which book should I read to learn the Spring framework? My main concern is how to use spring as an alternative to stateful and stateless session beans and its support for the Core J2EE patterns in the middle tier. It is important for me that the book discusses how spring fit in the whole picture of an enterprise J2EE application as well as its integration with other frameworks such as JSF and Hibernate.
Why would EJBs be an overkill?

It is all about the data you want to retrieve from the DB. If the data is read only and there are little transactions involved then you better go with DAO. On the other hand, if your application is highly transactional in nature then EJB is your best choice.

You can use HttpSession to maintain the user session in the web tier and use SLSB in the middle tier.

Now, back end I am thinking about session ejbs which reads database tables. The method for getting values from database tables will be implemented in a DAO.

This means you are planning to use BMP which is not recommended if you can use CMP/CMR. You use DAO if you plan to implement entity beans yourself, otherwise the container will handle the DB access code for you.
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Stan and Balachandran,

Any resource you suggest to read more about caching?

I am planning to implement the cache in the middle tire using VLH and DAO so servlet filters are not an option for me.

Take a look at the Servlet filters. You can implement caching by using them.

Any idea how to achive caching for all users?
Any resources, you recommend, to read more about load balancing?

Hi Steven,

I did mention load balancing of the web servers in my assumptions/design documents.

In the real world, I have worked with some pretty big J2EE architecture over the years and most recently a cluster of 3 big BEA application server machines and 4 web servers in front. The web servers are load balance by a hardware load balancer, in this case a Cisco Director. That is a pretty standard approach I have seen and used alot.


What do you think are important points that one might forget to mention in the assignment? I am as well about to submit my assignment but I have the fealing that something is missing. In my current document, the assumptions are with the class and component diagramson on the same page.

Is it possible to have a cache that is common to all users? I am trying to implement something similar to forums where you can create a new topic and add replies to an existing one.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Matt,

Did you mention anything about load balancing the two web servers? How did you handle it?

Thanks in advance,