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Recent posts by Yahya Elyasse

To tell the truth i'm very ignorant when it comes to money and how to invest !
I came across this website http://www.mifc.com/index.php?ch=menu_exp_get&pg=menu_exp_get_issuance
I heard about Malaysia Islamic stocks but don't know the procedure to buy some of these Malaysian Islamic stocks? does buying international stocks involves some complicated process? or is it easy to do it via some online platform?
11 years ago
there is this Grails web app: http://code.google.com/p/gtsg/source/checkout
I'm not able to build it and run it with Grails 2. when i migrate to Grails 2 and try run it from Idea IDE it gives an error 'cannot find spring security properties'.
is there smth missing ? and how to successfully run the above Grails app?
@Pat Farrell
Yes i see. i'm now aware how is it very hard to grow your earned money today.
I have called my bank asking for methods to invest/ grow my amount and the answer was it doesn’t worth it. There is nothing useful we can do with a 10k $ other than keeping it safe in the bank for those black days that would potentially show up in the future!
11 years ago
I'm not a US citizen nor live in US.
I wonder what to do if i want to buy some stocks of profitable IT companies like Google or apple. is this an easy process? how can we do this remotely or via some online platform?
Well i suppose this to be not easy nor accessible to evryone out there. just curious to know who has access to buy those famous stocks ...
11 years ago

Pat Farrell wrote:The US stock market just set a new high (Dow average). It has recovered all of the lost value from the 2008 crash. This is good.

Or, it can mean that if you put money into the stock market in July 2008, right now, you are just back to where you started. So you haven't increased it at all. Most people would say that such an investment was a really bad deal, five years later and you have no increase in value.

If I had $10K, and were just starting, I'd put it in a EFT that tracks the S&P 500. But I'd only do it if I was looking to invest for at least five years, and it is much better if you invest for longer, say 10 years.

Today, there are no risk-free investments. In the US, the interest rate is so low that if you buy a bank CD, you will probably get 0.25 percent per year. This is lower than inflation, and not close to covering taxes.

I'm not a US citizen and i don't have any knowledge about the stock markets. I wonder if there is an online open stock market enabling individual investments from people around the world ?
anyway Investing -as many confirmed- is a risk taking activity and one should have the mentality of an entrepreneur to be able to enter this domain. I don't think i'm this kind of person . it is very likely i'll loose the amount if i put it in some investment somewhere. without the support of a professional i cannot do much with it as said one of the posters.
11 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:the word "investment" usually implies long-term. I invest in the stock market. I put money in, and I'm not even LOOKING at taking anything out for 20 or more years.

"speculating" is what you are talking about - short term. this has much higher risk. you are more likely to loose your money, but you have a greater chance of making a lot of money quick (although the odds of the first still greatly outweigh the second).

Think about it this way. If you want to make a lot of money fast, go to a casino and put it all on a single number on the roulette table. If you win, you're return is 35 to 1. your 10k will become 360k, and it will only take about 30 seconds.

However, you are going to loose 36 or 37 times more often than you'll win (depending on whether it is a European wheel or an American wheel).

Or you could bet it on red/black. you can double your money quickly, but will loose it all slightly more than half the time.

It boils down to the fact that the greater the potential reward, the greater the potential risk.

I agree.
Well because we are in a programming forum i was expecting that someone would suggest me buy some software application from an individual or have someone build an app that is worth 10k then try selling this app in the software marketplace. does this not seem a investment ? well it is true it is highly risk b/c if the app doesn't sell well you have lost the money. but isn't this what the IT companies doing all the time?
11 years ago

Joanne Neal wrote:

Is that serious enough for you ?

11 years ago

Jesper de Jong wrote:No, it's because you're posting this in the Meaningless Drivel forum. Don't expect to get serious answers

yes you are right
However i didn't knew where to post this question here. and i'm after serious answers
11 years ago
you all are joking
is it b/c the amount is small and not worth any investment?
11 years ago
suppose you have 10k $ and you want to invest them in a secure project so that you can increase this amount after few months. where would you put this sum for investment these days?
11 years ago
Excellent analysis of the situation chris. probably i'm confused by the too many choices. i have to minimize the choices and concentrate on one single task and finish it. this seems so difficult for me as i always give up in the middle of task and get distracted by doing other things and then everything is messed up.
I tried many times the couresera courses but i couldn't finish any one of the courses i selected. i had other tasks to do and so little time to dedicate to study.
I sometimes concentrate on one single task like reading a specific book. but when i start getting in rhythm i suddenly have some event -like a project offer- which distract me and i don't complete the reading.

It seems the distractions are so poisonous , so frequent and so numerous in my life that i end up unable to concentrate and complete one single definite task.
I need to find a cure for this phenomenon b/c it started to hurt my quality of life. I'm still struggling with it and hope i can manage to organize myself more and focus more correctly and efficiently.
11 years ago
Hello guys,

Have you ever experienced an enormous lack of motivation to work or study? I have compiled a list of books to read, programming projects to start, and courses to take and learn. But i never can focus on any of these tasks. I feel if i'm not externally motivated by some work offer or social interaction then i cannot make it alone and do these tasks my own in solitary.
How can we motivate ourselves to work on personal projects in solitary activity? seems so hard for me these days and this is very annoying
11 years ago

Martin Vajsar wrote:

Yahya Elyasse wrote:ok what was the sarcasm about?

The answer, of course, is forty-two.

(Unless I'm seriously mistaken, Ulf is referring to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which elaborates extensively on the usefulness of towels in more or less any situation. And on the importance of the number 42.)

thanks i didn't knew about this famous 42 magical number untill you have pointed it. i have read a book about the mysterious Constants of the universe. but i never heard before about the mysterious 42 number.
11 years ago
what is the technology used in storage made easy product SME ?
11 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:Nope, you missed the sarcasm.

ok what was the sarcasm about?
11 years ago